est 2004 written and published by Kelli Ali

I was about 19 years old

lumieres flyer

After Psycho Drama split...

I received a phone call from a guy called Russell Cross. He was in a band and they had seen Psycho Drama play and they wanted me to join their band.

At first, I was reluctant to join another band so soon after just leaving one but I went to a rehearsal to check them out. Their songs were okay and they played well but i was only into singing my own songs and i didn't like the name of their band, so I said if they changed their name to The Lumieres and learned all my songs, I'd join them. One of the guitarists left on the band on the spot : )

But the rest of the band stayed and we had a real cool time together. Those guys were sweet and I look back on those times as real cool fun times.

We did a radio session for the B.B.C. Pebble Mill and reorded 5 songs live. Vampire Butterflies, Lone Trance and Velvet Floor, were three of the songs we recorded, I can't remember the rest.

We were trying to get gigs in london and when we finally got one at the Garage in Islington, I wrote to loads of record companies to get them down there. The only one who turned up as far as I know to this day, was a kid called Rick Lennox. Rick was an A&R guy for One Little Indian records. After our gig, he came up to me and said that he wasn't into the band but if I was up for singing with other people, he'd keep his eyes open in London.

When we got back to Birmingham, Kim Fowley gave me a call. He used to manage Joan and The Jets. He asked me to go and meet him in London, so I did. It was strange. Kim was like a refugee from the late 70's, early 80's scene, as I imagine it anyway. The way he spoke smacked of too much coke and tired jokes. He said that he thought I could be the Asian Madonna ! ! ! He said that he could see I was a rock star in the making and if I stuck with him, he could take me to the top. Keeping a straight face was difficult. I told him that I only played my own songs and if he was up for giving me cash to do a demo, I'd think about it letting him manage me.

Not long after I got back to Birmingham, I received a call from Rick Lennox who had been at our London gig.

He said there was this band called F.R.I.S.K. (Forever Rain In Self Knowledge) on a sub label of One Little Indian, Clean Up records who wanted a singer and he thought we should meet up. We did meet up, I went to some University gig in Reading. It was an Acid Jazz vibe, loads of students and kind of non descript tunes. After the band came off stage, they came and sat with me and Rick Lennox, their manager Craig also came and sat with us. That was my first meeting with Chris Corner and Liam Howe. That was the beginning of the Sneaker Pimps.