Tigermouth fav song?

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Whats your fav song of the “tigermouth” album

yeah well “papermoon” is a b side ... so it won¥t be in the poll!

But its a great song anyway ... don¥t know why it didn¥t make it on the album!

Its too great!

“to the place where tigers play”

kelli told the story behind it, and its really similiar to the one i imagined every time i heard that song, before i really knew what kelli influenced most making “papermoon”

I tried to post a poll for that album, too!

But it says that i submitted to many options (13 with the hidden track “tigermouth) ... well so i can¥t let songs out ... so no poll :( sorry!

can¥t really decide :(

My fav song has to be either KIDS, INFERNO HIGH LOVE or WINGS IN MOTION ... hmmm

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It’s easier to say which songs I don’t like… and I must say I always skip “Queen of the World” - but it happens to me all the time—I find one track I don’t like on all albums I get, but after a few years (!!!) I find it the best track on the album, so… “Queen…” might still get a chance wink

This CD rulez, the best album of 2003… will “Psychic Cat” be the album of 2004? Time will tell smile

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My favourite tracks on “Tigermouth” are: “The Infinte Stars”, “Inferno High Love”, “Teardrop Hittin’ The Ground”, “Queen Of The World” and “Kids”.

Siobhan Donaghy’s “Revolution In Me” was definitely my favourite album of 2003 though. I think “Psychic Cat” is at #7 in my favourite albums of 2004.

I’ve never really liked “Sunlight In The Rain” or “Beautiful Boy” on “Tigermouth”, so I tend to skip those two songs.

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Sunlight in the Rain is my fav on this album…its smooth beat sends me into a reflective mood…I can put this one on repeat and never grow tired of it. Beautiful.

The lyrics are prrrfect for those who are in love

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talking about lyrics

“Papermoon” lyrics are really great!

Anyone knows why this song didn¥t make it on the album? I think kelli once said in a chat, that they had to pick some songs and skip others. But why “Papermoon”?

I mean the tiger who loves a women ...

Hey its a song about me!!! *gggggggggggg*

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I agree, Papermoon is one of my faves!  Why didnt it make the cut :?:  who knows.  It has to be tough to make the decision of what to keep, and what to keep off away in the dark, locked in some archive somewhere.  We can only hope that some of these unknown treasures may end up on a B-Side someday.

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Yeah i hope that too!

I remember one B side from her pimps time, where she wrote “walk the rain” ... brilliant song!

However i do understand “lucifer rising” or “lipgloss” didn¥t make it on the “tigermouth” album, but never understood, why “papermoon” didn¥t

(I think Metso himself told me, that its also a fav track of him. Well so if he couldn¥t make kelli pick that song for her album, nobody could *g*)

Perhaps it was the desission from the record company?

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Don’t get me wrong, “Paper Moon” is a good song, but I do think there is a lot better on the album - I can understand why this track was overlooked. It has a great tune and everything, but Kelli sounds so different on it.

I think it’s great that excellent songs make b-sides - they’re kept like a hidden secret only for the fans that way. I know it’s annoying, but loads of artists make great b-sides (that I think could make album tracks): Garbage, Sugababes, The Cardigans, Black Box Recorder (One Little Indian dropped them!!  :cry:)

So yeah.

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Yeah but thats one thing i love about kelli!

She writes songs like “Papermoon” and then a song like “Inferno high love” totally different ... i think “tigermouth” hasn¥t got a single style to fit in ...

so i don¥t see that as an argument, why papermoon did loose against other songs

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You need great songs for the album… but you also need great songs for b-sides! 8)

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But “papermoon” is a great song ... and not a great song for a b side!

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I remember hearing that leaving ‘Papermoon’ off the Tigermouth album was an “executive decision”  :(
Remember it IS on the ‘Teardrop Hittin’ The Ground’ CD single (out now at the OLI store :D )
As for my fav ‘Tigermouth’ song, well…it still has to be ‘Sunlight In The Rain’. Mmmm just love that, it always hits me in exactly the right places 8)

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Yeah, Sunlight in the Rain is awesome - I love the “taste the melody of bubbles in shampagne” part , Kelli’s voice sounds so sweet! smile
I have to play it right now 8)

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You got it in one Soulburner - that line kills me everytime.
Quite often I hit back after that track just to hear that line again.

After Sunlight in the rain, I like Kids, Inferno high love and Tigermouth the best.

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I just have to write this - I’ve been listening to some music and I played “Wings in Motion”... I shivered… I’ve had goose-flesh all over my body… awesome!

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yeah thats a really great song ... i hope she will play it live ...

Thats another thing? What songs did you want to hear live? Perhaps someone should start a topic about that?

well wait some minutes ... i¥ll get it *g*