Tigermouth fav song?

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I’d say Kids is easily the best track on the album. Also, hidden track Tigermouth is amazing, and I love Angel In LA.

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easy this one .. sunlight in the rain :D

it still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end .. perfection !

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Favorite song

I’d have to say my favorite song is “Wings in Motion” but then again “Sunlight in the Rain” is a great song too, you get a sense of the potential of Kelli’s voice at the end of the latter.

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yeah that made me think, “taste the melody of bubbles in shampagne” i dont do shanpagne much, weddings funerels, etc, i dont know, i dont goto them sort of things much,

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“Wings in Motion” broke my heart in half. It’s stunningly beautiful. And “Teardrop Hittin’ the Ground” is just so much fun. It’s such a great album.

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the whole thing rocks, especially the cover of the cd, heh!!

yes, liked the whole cd and the secret song after #12, lah….Kelli is sexxy and has an oh so yummy voice, gotta speak the truth here smile  :!:

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the secret song is called “tigermouth” ...

The purring little tiger in the booklet, that everyone wants to stroke, Kelli is called “sibiria” ... *meow*

Kelli sexy? Of course this sweetie purring kitty is ... *g*

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fellow man…..thanks kelli

that’s a great song, if i had to pic fave one!! very positive and sounds cool 2, so thank you KELLI so much for letting your creativity flow and spill onto the world, you are loved and appreciated, don’t forget it hun !!!  smile

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Absolutely no doubt: Sunlight In The Rain 8)

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Just the first verse of Inferno is soooo hot “HIGH ... LOVEah” *rrrrrrrrrrr meow*

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yeah, actually the whole album is smokin’, tttsssss….....burn me fingers…..mmeeooooowwwww…...

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KIDS was my absolut fav for a long time and the first song i got to hear from kelli!

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cool beans hun, you been gone long, mmeeoooowww misses u

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i know :(

i have to work today, so i am leaving soon again :(

Bu i will catch some chicken on the way back home. I know you are hungry. TomCat will hunt for you, so you don┬ąt need to go out for that smile

btw: back to topic!

Whats the song you misslike the most on tigermouth?

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meaning like the most or not the most? i like the whole kitten caboodle of TIGERMOUTH , hun, with a voice like hers, hard to make a mistake, yeah, i am easy like that… later cat daddeh!!!!!