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:o Kelli, i am new on the forum and wanted to just tell you , finding your music and always adoring your beautiful voice has totally moved me and when i am moved , i act…i already had 11 tattoos, and after seeing your cat on your arm in the 6 underground video, i wanted one, so i got a black panther with the tail at the shoulder and head facing downward like yours.  i did it of in honor of you and because i wanted another one anyway, and animals are timeless. That’s how you affected me.  I don’t think it’s obsessive, some might think so, but hey…..sometimes you want to scream your passions right??? alright, peace*out raspberry

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Hey Kitty Kitty Cat!

That’s so cool! You should send us a picture! I wanna see your other tattoos.

It’s great that you dig the music and I’m really touched that you’ve done the panther thing, I wanna get a new tattoo aswell but the time has to be right.

Stay cool sister!
Vive La Rock ‘n’ Roll!


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liquid diamonds

you are sweet

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Hey kitty2themax!

i am afraid, that you are probably a interessting person smile

if you tell me, that you also like cats, i will have to ask you to marry me *g*

I want to get a tiger tatoo myself. some sibirian tiger ... strongest cats around. A bit expensive and i didn¥t find a good sample or pattern (or whatever it is called in english) for this tatoo. any ideas?

A tiger is a symbol for fortitude.

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just like a prayer, u know i’ll take u there….

well hello mr. cat, YES, i love kitties=cats. Could play with a whole room full of them..but i don’t have any right now… i like the whole other spectrum of incredible creatures out there that won’t try to annhilate me first, of course…. 8) what does “g” mean….???????and don’t be afraid….won’t bite unless you want me too,,heheheh :wink:  for a siberian tiger picture to go by, i would look on internet which i am sure you probably already did and/or art books…of course if the artist is good he/she can conjure the exact replica you desire…..that’s whats important of course, cuz they last lifetime…i like your little yawny cat pic, that is so cutesy…mmmmeeeooooo rolleyes

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Wanna marry me?

I am like a kitty, too *g* wanna be stroked all day and sleep and eat smile sometimes i like to play but i get tired of those things fast and i have to sleep to gain power again. Same with eating.

I did search everywhere for a cool tigerpic. Didn¥t find the right one :(

I love to be bitten and grazed by cats. I like the natural biological idea behind it. There are hunters, so why not biting me? So kitties of the world. Go and bite me please. I want to play with all of you smile

I have three of them. And all are equal, grazy and purring sweeties.

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fantasy wedding????

bring on the ring boi….hee, i am not getting any younger….WINKS>> :wink:

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But as a cat you have 9 lifes!

*holding the ring in my hands* smile

What kind of ring do you like? *hopeiboughttherightone*

how old are you btw? in my country we aren¥t allowed to be married till we are 18.
Do you want to marry in a church like oldschool or just the law thing?

Hmmm perhaps its too late to ask? *g*

What about the names? I get yours, or your my name? or we both get both names? its all possible in my country smile

Where do you want to live? Do you want children? How many? Well as a cat you get at least 2. Mostly from different fathers. Well i don¥t like open relationsships, so i hope all “little furmeows” will be from one father, that is me. As a sibirian tiger i get all those tiny catjerks run away fast, i quess!

I think these questions are important, cause we wanna stay together for the rest of our lifes. So we should know a bit of each other.

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diamond kitty

diamond and furrs, NOT, purple velvet lovah

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I don¥t really get it, what you mean darling *g*

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boy this subject is getting hot

wow keep fuel in your fire, this is keeping me warm at night, I’m interested to see where it goes :D :o LOL  :wink:  :wink:  rolleyes  :?:  :arrow:

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*lol* well if the kitty will answer my will, we¥ll see smile

your message reminds me of “voyeur” *g*

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and remember,just cuz u got wings,don’t mean u can fly babeh


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for KELLI and who-evah, yummy kitty family !!!!

after having tatts completed now, i think my tattooist is going to send it so anyone can see if they like….lah, purring contentedly…... smile

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dweaming of mr. tom….....NOT….but wait!!!

hehe, had u there, bring it on buster >>i got me claws sharpened and i am ready to throw down…...and i will hold your hair back if you throw up, but we can’t snag our hair with our new RINGS, right ??=:roll: >>heeeee…!!! now that’s devotion :wink: