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ok, just had to make sure, but you know 2 babes kissing is yummier than 2 men kissing!!! that’s just me though…...gosh, people on this forum must love this conversation maybe!!! but, sorry if i am offending anyone, .....if i am

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no you are not offending anyone ... kelli kitties are all cool!

hmm kissing can be interessting to watch it ... all three kind of ways.

whats with the link you gave me? are you up there too? *g*
i think the link is great, but i don¥t really get it, what its all about.

and yes of course ... tomorrow everyone will think that we make the “voyeurs paradise” in here!

my first kiss was with a male cat ... was interessting ... but i am hetero ... i am sorry *g* i don¥t find it more interessting to watch to guys or two girls ... but two hetero guys with one hetero girl is jummy smile

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ok, whatever toots your horn….oh the link for, they are just extreme looking chics for kitties that like that kind of thing, i think especially in the states, i am not sure of overseas, but they just got a picture book out at Tower Records also…. you usually would have to pay on the site to see, also Masuimi Max is yummy too!!

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interessting site ... i like girls with pony tails smile

i think this site could be known everywhere ....

reminds me a bit of my studies about feministic views on pornography “pornography is the theory, rape the practise” (robin morgan)

or nadine strossen as a member of “FACT” (femin anti censorship taskforce” thinks that pornography can indeed be positiv for women and a censorship would harm their freedom

besides that ... the site is pretty cool ... i like it ...
so when do we get married, litte kitty?  *g*

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kelli sprinkles…

we need KELLI to bless the ceremonies…hehehh….speaking of pornography and RIGHTS, you know people get into what they like and we have to choose our path in a way, and in the back of our minds, we know the consequences and how people will stereotype others or our choices.  Society just loves to either put people down before they consider that they should be aware of their own faults, u know..i don’t know how people are in your neck of the woods, but folks over in the U.S. sometimes still look down on tattooed people…..NO ONE CAN THROW STONES…

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the same here ... i think its a democratic thing, that the people start to look down at people that look different ...

yep kelli shall bless the ceremonie ...

what is our name then? ToM & Kitty? *g*

btw. its nearly 4.00 am in austria ... tom needs some sleep. i need an hour to lick my fur cleaen ... you know as a cat it can be hard. everytime you go to sleep you have to lick everything clean, which takes quite some time ... but thats just catish *g*

*meow* sweetie

I know i¥ll dream of you smile

Good night kitty

NO ONE CAN THROW STONES!!!!! btw. your president is not really welcome over here. most of the people over here are against bush and his “bush the conqueror” thing.

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yes, muh is tired as well…i agree with you…the world will always have problems, don’t hate Americans for any reason, it seems some people do just because they don’t like a leader or whoever…. you know what, this might be irresponsible, but i don’t really care for any president , maybe anywhere, they are being told what to do anyway, by someone else even worse..but that’s just my opinion babeh!!!! winks>>>>might be cynical, but i have my reasons….

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2 mr. cat luvah

it’s about 9:10 pm over here…about to pack up myself, and got the incense kickin’ <>>and just to throw in for fun, muh is not only subject to U.S. but when i was about 7 , we lived in S. Africa for 3 years, i remember it always seemed lush and beautiful and seeing the Indian women walk around in their sarris, that’s cool, ooohh, curry rocks…luv indian food… ‘bout u?? we had to wear the little school uniform and stuff, still remember the leather smell of our book satchels..aaaahhh, memories of innocence, but they soon get crushed..i would love to travel in the future, but have some personal stuff to tend to at the moment…ok, peace*out squeegy!!

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higher law, the bigger picture..

just to add to the political comment you made( i am not offended or mad) you will understand with this explanation, i like to be clear…...i guess really for me, as an individual, i am not a political worrier, cuz we can’t control everything, and when they are elected, they go ahead with their agenda they had in the back of their mind anyway, regardless of the person on the street…...and i have never been obsessed about the one political saviour who will bring utopia >> in light of 911 after effects, we have seen the chess game of world leaders make the global society lose more freedom really.. and thinking my existence will crumble if we don’t get the “right” person in the white house, i don’t think that way= our whole existence is bigger than that, meaning>>> for myself, life and meaningfulness >revolves around my spirituality, learning to love others as myself, not to be selfish as best as i can, love, beauty, truth beyond words, hope, music , the arts, of course my friends and family, things we cannot see, the infinite, the beings behind the veil, the spirit life and all that moves us emotionally and spiritually.  Maybe politics enters there somehow, but no president or king/queen has given me my life, so as far as i am concerned and motivated, to live and move and have my being>>it is NOT in their hands!!! so i will die confidentally and in grace and in peace of spirit !!! hope you get my drift mr. cat-luvah ... :wink: talk later…..

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i get your point.
I think if you are an idiot you are an idiot. it doesn¥t matter if a whole industry stands behind you and tell them what you have to do, cause you are the president of the U.S. I don¥t believe in political correctnes. Black, white, tiny, big, small, female or male ... all can be idiots if they get the chance to be and have the will to be idiots.

sometimes i think you are cool, sexy and sweet as kelli *g*

Your tigerbabe misses you smile

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u’s a sweetie punkin’‘’

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with “you” i meant “in general” of course in my last post!

juicy hot bath ... yeah ... *g* thats sexy smile

Whats a punkin?

What do you wanna know? I told you that i am a tiger *g*

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just tell me whatever you think is interesting and lovey dovey, punkin’ is just short for like a pet name< pumpkin, oh yeah, i f i give you pet names that seem violent or something, it’s not really it is just cuz it sounds funny, you know, like i call my gal pal, whore or slut, cuz it sounds funny

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Call me, whatever you like sweetie smile

here are some tiger facts:

1. i am 7 years younger than you :(
2. i am a tiger
3. we indeed live to far away from each other :(
4. i can play the bass and purr at the same time
5. i like the haircut of kelli in the “6 underground” video the most..
6. the back of my head is one of the most erogenous zones on my body smile
7. i study at the tiger university in vienna - “tigerness”

Hope you got the information you waited for?

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thanks psycho babeh

got a guitar and nice DEATH metal pedal