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you are so cute smile

interessting ... so your tummy is the point smile
i¥ll keep that in mind!

keep trying playing guitar, music is the best thing in the world!

i study too. and did study ... i am nearly finished ... nearly means at the beginning of next year i should get my diploma in sociology.
I did study two years on a conservatory, though, but this was a bit lame.

i play my sweetie bass with my sweetie hands and i can¥t get enough of it really, i started playing when i was 13!

I am sorry to disappoint you, but i have short hair :(

Playing with bootsy video is soooooo nice smile Bootsy is one of my bass idols. Totally cool and FUNKY BABY!

totally cool, that you are able to read hebrew. the bible is in original in hebrew. Just a thought *g*

Are you into girls and boys? Besides kelli, of course *g*, who should it be?

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first hun, please tell me what your “g” means, HELLO….but yeah, i know i love antiquities -ancient stuff,

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You seemd to be a very wise woman. Lots of experience. Lots of stories. Very interessting indeed.

But Gwen Stefani is not my type of music, girl or whatever. She is just not my kind of idea really smile But if you like her, that shouldn¥t be a reason, why we shouldn¥t get married *g*

*g* means to grin. Is that not internet language in america? i thought so.

Girls kiss better? Is it all about the tongue technique? Hmmm thats interessting. I should make a study about that.

Are you a jealous person?

I just saw a total fun video of two cats “playing”, i would love to attach it, but i think it will be too large! and i just noticed, that there isn¥t even a option for that?

So if you played in the army, you should been pretty good in playing.

army ... hmmm ... i couldn¥t do that.

Tell me more about your obsession box smile

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u’s funny with question explosion

thanks, i will accept that definitely

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clarinet and sax? thats cool, babe! smile (is babe a too bitchy word in american language or is it a bit sexy like in german?)

So, you like to dance and shake your thing?

jealous ... i think its a thin line between the right amount of it and too much of it. And it depends on the person you love, and the person that loves you. Everyone needs a different amount of control, or not control, love or not love. Thats a difficult question.

Hmmm so Kelli should tell us soon about our ceremony? We should have time to get prepared for it. And to know what is goind to happen!


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heee, heee…..well, no BABE is cool with me, or babeh, it’s fun…i guess depending on how someone associates it they could freak out or not…what color are your eyes, i love dark eyes, mmmeeeooooo, jump into the those onyx pits for days…..

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gosh, can’t wait for tatts to heal, they killin me, especially the forearm one, it’s kind of tender underneath and hurts when i bend at the elbow area…uuuuggghhhh, but it’s pretty, i think my tattoo dood had trouble with the link, might not get pics to show u…..what people are your faves to look at or listen to and why???? who really turns your knobs….????

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Hmmm my eyes are blue. lovely blue i think ... not dark, not not dark *g*

are you a member of the infinitestar yahoo group? ... if so, you can go in the member section, there are two pics of me. The first one with my bass. Pretty old. I think 3 years or something. Second one is more my kind of idea smile *meow*
otherwise you find the link to the group under ... i wrote some bass tabs for kelli songs for corky¥s site. smile

“evenmoretom” is my name there!

And i do feel comfortable with you. Otherwise i wouldn¥t be here ... its 2.30 in vienna a.m and i studied the whole day. So if i wouldn¥t feel comfortable, i wouldn¥t be sitting here and write this.

what does knobs mean? you mean, who turns me on? what peoople, what kind of woman?

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YES, KNOBS just means who pushes your buttons kind of thing. thanks for staying up late, that’s cool,

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Hmmm there are some women, that make me wanna go “meow” smile

I can¥t say Kelli, cause perhaps she is going to read this *lol*

But besides that i¥ll go for the X files. Both of them ... Mulder and Scully ... two sweeties. but just with their characters on the show. not in real live. I need some character most of the time, to find someone attractive ... just looking good doesn¥t count that much for me.

I have a fav porn star of course. but thats secret hehehe

I recently noticed the actress playing on the show “J.A.G” which i think is quite big in america? She is pretty hot. But after searching the internet for her, i thought “why need all girls have to be so made up. I like more the “natrual” thing, without makeup ... to be attracite is natural and not makeup.  i would want to love my wife in the age of 20 the same way she looks at the age of 70. Both without makeup.

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yeah i understand what you mean theree…..unconditionally is sometimes a bad word in the world

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ok, i signed on the infinitestar group thingy, how do i get to members, lost

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isn¥t texas a state, where some behavior patterns are illegal? pornographic media illegal?

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you need to go to photos and then “members” ... then you can click on “evenmoretom” ... that what you¥ll see in there then, and probably won¥t like *g* is me smile

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pure trance luv

learn it , live it, love it