The House of FiX!

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Hey kids,
we just went to an awesome night a band called the House of Fix!
truly in the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll.
Peace dudes, love and cool vibes Kelli and Rip Randolf!
Rock on all you super cool kids!

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The name of the band is pretty cool smile

Magic moments!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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it’s a very happy place

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You need an avatar aswell!!!

kelli has an avatar i felt in love with ... this really could make a cool kitty tattoo i think! smile kellis avatar is just so similar to her ... great!

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i was just thinking i need an avartar, maybe you all will have to help me find one(it’ll be interesting to see how i’m perceived)

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well cause we all have some cat avatars, you should have a mighty tiger avatar ... or lion ... the leader of the street cats ... migthy, powerfull, lovely and sexy i quess smile

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wow, will check out band…..sounds like you had a spacey, good time….