How was it for you…..part 2

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I know this question has been asked before (at the other place :wink:), but a lot of new faces are here, so… was it for you ?
How, when, & where, did you first discover Kelli’s music ??? 8)

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Hmm, well I don’t remeber when it was but I was down to see my sister in Indy (indianapolis In.) and we were talking about music on a really hot summer day and she told me about the sneaker pimps. She ripped me some songs from her cd’s and I had to admit it wasn’t bad. I still have the cd’s on file and break em out once and awhile but it never really went far from that untill I heard My Dsmbr on the Linkin Park CD.  I have to admit Kelli is a great vocalist, I mostly like rock, but I think im going to give her new CD a try.  I think it’s great when people are in the biz not to make loads of cash like quite a few American singers are (thats why the suck so bad), but rather to put out great music and just have fun. My dream band for her to cut a song with would be the Red Hot Chilli Peppers!


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Well for me was 6 Underground….......heard it on the first release and bored my mates to tears banging on about it…..............then when it finally got airplay was so smug LOL
As a solo artist i’m luckily a big Garbage fan so had tickets anyway and made sure i was there early to hear Kelli’s solo stuff and was blown away… different from Sneaker Pimps, but so better (saw the remnants of S.P. at V2000 and even tho new stuff was good, the songs off Becoming X weren’t the same without Kelli’s voice.
Anyway, Kelli’s got talent, musically gifted and looks to boot…........and not manufactured to death…..........and if the true spirit of musical art is that if one person enjoys the art then it’s viable, then she’ll have a lifelong career just with me 8)

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Re: How was it for you…..part 2

6 Underground.  It was played a lot on the radio and TV too.  I had to buy the album.  I had no idea what else was on it.

The CD went into my truck’s player that day, and I swear I didn’t take it out for six weeks.  I heard it over and over, and yet, never got tired of it.  The music was great, the lyrics were mysterious and haunting, and the voice was seductive and amazing.  Even erotic. 

Examining the CD literature, I couldn’t find the lead singer’s name.  I found that odd.  It wasn’t on the album anywhere.  I finally found Kelli’s name on the internet:  Kelli Dayton.  Ah hah!  I couldn’t wait for their next album.

Quite a while passed.  I didn’t know what was going on.  I finally found the Pimps next CD in Tower.  It was called Splinter.  It was in the Import section, because it was never released in the USA.  That was a clue that something was wrong.  Also, the cover was not right.  Where was Kelli?  I suspected the worst, but bought the album anyway—even at 24 friggin’ dollars.

No Kelli. 

Damn.  Well, I forced myself to listen to it, and after a few plays, I learned to like it, but it didn’t have anywhere near the power that X had.  You can’t take a fabulous lead singer, and just replace her, especially with a male vocalist, and then expect no repercussions. 

I kept looking for info on Kelli Dayton, but couldn’t find anything for quite a while.  Finally I found her name changed, and slowly her name started popping up on the net. 

I’ve bought both her albums and a bunch of singles too.  I also have a boat load of Pimp B sides that she wrote, and they are all GREAT.  A full album could be made just with her B sides—and it would sell better than Splinter or Bloodsport.

Kelli needs a single.

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Re: How was it for you…..part 2

Oh, yeah.  The above post is from me, Mark in Maryland.  I guess I should register, huh?

Mark in Maryland

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yep ... more members would be AWESOME *g*

interessting story ... but dunno ... the “new sneaker pimps” are really big in austria ... everybody loves bloodsport and the single “Sick” ...
And every sneaker pimps fan, who is into the new stuff says that the stuff with kelli is not as good as the new stuff ... i never understood this really ...
Perhaps cause i am the fan of “the old pimps” and “the new fabolous, cool, sexy (too sexy really *g*), interessting, creative in making such wonderfull music, art etc ... KELLI!

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how i found kelli

i suppose that like everybody else i found out about kelli ali when i found out about the sneaker pimps. i was pretty dogmatic about death metal at the time and didn’t like much else, but prior to that i had always liked trip hop, and although wouldn’t consider myself a huge fan, really liked the sneaker pimps. i think what i liked about them was kelli’s unique voice and when i heard that she left i was pretty pissed off. i didn’t know what she was doing and for a while i really didn’t care until i got just that little bit too curious and found out about her solo career. now at 19, i find myself quite musically open and like quite alot of music, but kelli ali’s is the only one of its type that i care to listen to. i like the electronic influence that she’s had and i hope it persists.

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First Saw & Heard Kelli

First saw the 6 Underground video, about the time it came out, immediately fell in love with Kelli and her delicious voice.

Bought Becoming X and listened to it for about a month then forgot it for a year or two. Listened to it recently and decided to see what had happened to Kelli.

Wow, Tigermouth is great and just got Psychic Cat, think its all great work by Kelli, Like the Bootsy Collins collaboration too.

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some of you know my story so i’ll keep it brief :D

spin spin sugar video on tv .. got access to a pc a while later .. thought again about ‘that girl in the video’ .. did a search .. the rest is history smile

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6 underground too, first time around. Thought the track was very original and loved their image. Then realised Kelli lived by me and was honoured! Bought Becoming X shortly before they announced Kelli had ‘left’ and thought ‘bad move, bet she’ll disappear without trace’. Heard the new Sneaker Pimps stuff and thought ‘definately a bad move, its shite’. Only discovered Kelli had released her own stuff a couple of months back and was pleasantly surprised by it. Now I’m a pretty big fan.

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It all started with “Play With Bootsy” on tv. I thought ‘wow, who is this cool girl?’... a few months later I’ve heard the song on the radio and did a search on the internet later that day - that’s how I found all the fan-sites, visited the chats, created my own fan-site… and here I am today, a huge fan of Kelli Ali smile
I think I never heard the Sneaker Pimps before, but I think I’ve heard “Spin Spin Sugar” somewhere before… Deja Vu? :D

By the way - I’ve been listening to “Becoming X” recently and I think I’m starting to like it smile