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Wow, two topics of pure love and affection… I’m touched… really, I am :D

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happy birthday Kitty2themax,
we had alot of fun last night dancing, listening to good sounds and chatting away on the forum - and feel good today…’s your birthday have a good day.

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post party and cat daddy

thanks yall for b-day nods, and good morning to you cat daddeh…winks>>>>randolph, yeah, sounds like u ahad fun, hopefully i can do that on sunday night….let me take a bath real quick…oh yeah, i like the SATOSHI TOMIE collaboration that Kelli did, it is yummy, LOVE IN TRAFFIC AND UP IN FLAMES

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blue liquid diamonds


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I hope you¥ll have or had a wonderful kitty day ...  with lots of meow and special cat meals smile

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aawwwh, thanks, i am exhausted now,,very tired, i will talk later when i can

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Hmmmm ... kelli should decide what the ceremony should be like! smile

I think some mixture of hard and soft stuff could do it *g*

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hehehheeee…...good answer, yeah…hope you are doing well…i am in for the night, am tired, so i might be on and off the computer

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hope you¥ll be more on than off ...

i did study statistic for social science the whole day ... so i am kind of too focused on maths? Does that turn you on`? *lol*

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nope, haven¥t seen that one. but i need to some a lot of bad porn recently, cause i write my final exam about that topic.

So it turns you on, if i would start talk about the methods of statistic and math logic behind it? smile

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heee, heeee…not really, but someone who is bright and curious is more attractive than someone who isn’t..

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I didn¥t know Ashley Judd to this point *g*

I think the american size definition over there is different to ours. We have everything sized in meters.  So whats 5¥66” in meters then?

I don¥t care really, cause i am not that tall. But i think its more important to women, that the man is taller than them?  :(

Lets talk about guys. *g*
What man makes you really hot? besides me of course! smile

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kelli is beautiful, matches her music….peace, love and soulllllllll