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exactly, mmmeeeoo, how is things….

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I am doing fine!

just got back from a concert. was great ... I saw a girl with pony tails ... awesone *g*

Didn¥t find her anymore when i left :(

I just wanted to say her, that i really liked her haircut ...

Well you can¥t get anything in life i suppose :(

Kitty, do you wear pony tails sometimes?

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I HOPE U GO ASTRAY…..w/ love in traffic *** heeeee


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thx for this haircut information smile

i am not into dancing or banging like a motherfucker ... i am more the guy who wants to enjoy the concert or a night, without jumping around.
I only shake my ass, when i “wear” my 4 string smile

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heheeheh, i know what you mean, yeah, i only play my guitar when i get in a rippy freak mood, but i don’t play it seriously, a little busy right now till about january, then i can maybe concentrate on it, but anyhoo… smile

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without my bass i get angry or ill or something ... its like i need him for a good life smile

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cat daddeh anger ball

yeah, there is a need for fondling those strings, heeheheheheehhe, do you like the screen pic finally i chose, heeeeee…..???

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yeah who is that sweetie avatar? is it from a movie ... thats cute!

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yeah it’s from the movie, Ghostworld, cool movie…...thora birch is hott…heeeeee

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a women as a kitty is never boring smile

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yeah, i agree, also, Michelle Pheiffer( however you spell her last name) made the best catwoman, besides Julie Newmar back in the day…

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yeah well she was cute, but i never got into the batman movies really ...

didn¥t turn me on :(

ages ago we did discuss the topic in which movies kelli should have started in, and most of us came to the conclusion that she should have been either in lord of the rings with the sexy shinny silky dress of Eowyn *g*

Or in star wars as Leia with this blue dress at the end of the first movie *g*
Or with the slave outfit in the third movie smile

But well this was ages ago, as this site didn¥t exist, corkies site was new, and some other stuff didn¥t happen!

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oh my gawd….

yes, Kelli would look TERRIFIC as princess Leia in the chain bikini thing,  heeeeee…..giggles..and smiles..meeeeooooo, i also like the one where she is on the beach with the tiger and she is in just her bikini bottoms, ppprrrrrrr…. ever heard of Masuimi Max? she is also another absolutely, beautiful woman….

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where do always find these beautiful babes?

in the mirror?

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roll eyes…....i wish!!!!

no cat babeh,i just know what to look 4, mmmeeeoooowwwwww…..