my infernal TAtts, and kelli’s fangs ROCK !!!

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ok, if anyone wants to see my tatts, go to :

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The links ask me to log in with .NET passport :(

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Kitty, do you want to email the photos to me at,

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

I could put them on my site, and hotlink the photos to here.

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that’s frickin
’ irritating, aaahhhhh, well, they are on msnmydocuments, how do i do that….CORKY

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i sent thru Usereve email, and my other email so i hope the attachments came thru….i wish we could just copy paste on here

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Here we go, very cool tats Kitty smile

They are BIG photos, so i couldn’t hotlink them direct, just click on the links above.

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they¥re really cool! I like em!

Sweetie *meow* cat i like that tat, too smile

You are indeed a cool women!

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thanx catdaddeh

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enjoy that dead girl’s body-NOT*was listening 2 Rob Zomie

hey corky or catdaddeh, how can i put a little pic with my name, do we have to pick from the litter that’s there on our profile change or can we somehow pic another from the net>?????? helpy , everconfused kittydoll

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Hey Kitty, to get your own avatar (the little pic) you will need to pick one from the avatar gallery, or you can email Rip Randolf (Metso), at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and send your photo as an email attchment.  He’s the real catdaddeh :D

I’m just a wino with a fan site, lol LOL

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but i liked it, when she called me “catdaddeh” :(

metso is more than a catdaddeh smile he is more like a lion king *g*

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i thought i saw a puddy cat

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Whats a puddy cat?

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[quote author=“ToMthePsychicCat”]Whats a puddy cat?

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heh, heh…...putty tat, rip speaks kitty language, those were the good old days, where cartoons weren’t slaughtering humanity , they were smashing each other, but it’s all good, evil is here to stay, 4 now, mooooohhhh, hahhahahahahahhahhhhhh, but not all pain is bad, it’ s a necessity, but of course is affection, they are a raging blend of our existence, peace*out

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2 corky

thanks for the info again corky, u sure are helpful, mmmeeoooo,