my infernal TAtts, and kelli’s fangs ROCK !!!

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[quote author=“Corky”]
Why not try and enlarge it, and print it out ?

i¥ll try that! thx! smile

@lovelykitty: i am going now :( sad cat news.
i will return on sunday

don¥t play with the other male cats! smile *meow*

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heeee, heeee…..otay, won’t play with male cats, BUT, with the female ones should be fine, hehehheheheheheh, pppppprrrrrrr….......that’s always innocent funnnnn!!!!!! winks>>>>>

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as long as it is just fun! We are tigers and not lesbian lions! smile

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heheh, gosh, i missed you cat daddeh, mmmeeeooooo, glad u back

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thx smile

i missed you too, sweetie smile

did you play with other cats?

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no, it was actually kind of boring, can’t wait for kelli to write somepin’, i know she is busy though, i am about to leave, talk later

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you always leave me, when i am in the mood to play :(

what about hunting together? (candlelighthunt *g*) or are you one of these domestic cats, that get all those things from the stupid humans?

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yes, me outy, sorry, can scratch later