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Hi Kelli,

I know “Psychic Cat” is still a recent album, but I’m just curious. Do you have any idea what the next album is going to sound like? Do you think it will be like “Tigermouth” or “Psychic Cat”? Or something new? I’d be perfectly happy with another “Psychic Cat” to be honest - I love it that much.

Jakey xx.

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Next album

Hey Jake,

I want the next album to be a progression from Tiger Mouth and Psychic Cat into some new and unexplored territory.
I will be working closely with my band and we have already started writing.
The next record should be a longer and hopefully more sophisticated journey than Tiger Mouth and Psychic Cat.
I’m still learning and developing musically but hopefully, the next record will be a milestone in our musical journey.
Live drums and bass are a great deal more organic and flexible than programming all the time and for the next record they will play a huge part in the songs, I’m still planning on having a play with the synths and beats but on the whole, I want the next record to live and breathe and be less contained than my previous records.

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Sounds interessting ... especially the part with live drums and bass smile

Thats what i like *g*


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cool…..can’t wait….