just a cool, TIGERMOUTH girl..kelli…from her interview

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the question asked and answer; ( i know it’s probably old interview but still interesting nonetheless ) What else inspires you apart from music? Who is Kelli Ali beside the singer?[/b] “Many things inspire me, dreams, beautiful stories that people tell me. I love films and I love reading.I like drinking red wine in the afternoon and smoking American Spirits. I love travelling and laughing. Hate war and the damage greed does to us all but I also appreciate how strange life would be without demons. I like eating magic mushrooms in the summer and riding on my bike with my companion at night,even though I only recently learned how to stay on a bike! I love life and sometimes the whole bizarre fact that we know nothing about the world or ourselves or the universe makes me laugh and sometimes it makes me cry.”  mmmeeeooooowwww… just rock KELLI, NOT just saying that, i mean it..very interesting….. yeah demons, they can be deceptive, don’t know their real motive..don’t know if they want us or to kill us, .....i have been there myself ****” she also said…...???Do you have a motto in your life? What would you like to look back to in the moment of your death?[/  Wow, lighten up sister! : ) Okay, my mottos -Vive La Rock ‘n ’ Roll !!! and ‘Give peace a chance Mothafucka’
At the moment of my death what would I like to look back on?Jesus showing me his middle finger and eating a hamburger.”//FORGIVE ME , I AM JUST HIGHLY FASCINATED….and i would surely drink red wine with you any day, was actually drinking it when i read that biography( 2 B precise, VENDANGE, cALIFORNIA, cabernet sauvignon.., not lying…...***  thanx KELLI   ***