japanese 4 kelli…..konnichi wa (hello)

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i know it’s not perfect japanese grammar, i assume you can understand it from one of your greetings that had a little japanese in it, but gave english for others and for me..and gives me a chance to practice..>>wakeataeru suru tame ni anata ( impart to you ) obune ni notta tsumori   (being completely free of worry and concern ) >a cool woman > saishoku kenbi (having both brains and beauty) no kekka koe soshite koe ( through sound and voice ) sesuji ga samuku naru
(send chills up and down one’s spine)
:wink: ....  and i didn’t realize how pretty the language is until started learning a bit…languages and cultures are just beautiful, it’s all good…

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Nice smile The only word in Japaneese I know is Nintendo LOL
Do you also know the Japaneese alphabet, if they have one? It looks extremely difficult to learn all those marks… is it true that a single mark can tell a whole sentence?

I love learning languages as well, right now I can speak Polish (yeah, um, I’m a Pole :D Pozdrawiam wszystkich niezwykle serdecznie 8)), English and a tiny bit German (Ich lerne Deutsch fűr 7 Jahre und Ich kann nicht verstehen was sie sagen im TV LOL [Tom, please correct all the errors wink]). I’d like to learn Norwegian - I’m kind of drawn to their mythology, culture (don’t know much about it, but it seems interesting raspberry) and music (especially gothic metal :D).

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[quote author=“soulburner”](Ich lerne Deutsch fűr 7 Jahre und Ich kann nicht verstehen was sie sagen im TV LOL [Tom, please correct all the errors wink]).

Well it should be like

“Ich lerne deutsch seit 7 Jarhen und ich kann nicht verstehen, was die Leute (Menschen)  im TV sagen”


nintendo! YEAH! *g*

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cool, that’s interesting,

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Yeah, I like The Gathering, but I only heard their latest albums (“Souvenirs” and live “Sleepy Buildings”) and they aren’t very metal raspberry In fact, they aren’t metal at all wink Awesome music to listen to late at night on headphones…
I love the singer’s voice, I could listen to her 24 hours a day (check out “Saturnine” from “Sleepy Buildings” - awesome live performance).

Paatos is a band similar to the recent The Gathering recordings, it’s pretty cool too.

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well they are more melodic metal, lah….but yeah Nightbirds, Leaves and Mandylion are great ones, maybe that’s why you don’t think they are metal if you haven’t heard those, but either way they are good for some intensity… Pantera is some good metal….

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Thanks, I’ll check these bands out smile
I don’t really like the kind of metal that Pantera plays… when I want something heavy, loud and fast I listen to bands like Blaze, Edguy, Stratovarius or some progressive metal, like Dream Theater (they are cyborgs, most of their songs are simply impossible to play raspberry) or Opeth. Sometimes I like a bit of black metal like Cradle of Filth or Sirius wink

I discovered progressive rock/metal 2 years ago, I did not know that such beautiful music exists before I heard Porcupine Tree and Riverside… Riverside is a Polish band and I was surprised that they recorded something that doesn’t sound Polish (and believe me, 99% of Polish music sucks). Check out one of their songs from their homepage: - masterpiece!

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will check that out,  thanx…....

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Yeah, I hope Kelli comes to Poland one day too… and I could go backstage! Damn, woudn’t that be cool :mrgreen:?

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yeah, would be freaky to actually meet her in person. and i just love her cute british accent, , from watching the Making of Playin
with Bootsie, they interview her, heeeee…’s been fun chatting, gotta go, i am tired, woke up too early… later on 8)