Congratulations to Kelli!

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I had been waiting for what seemed like an eternity for your new material, Ms. Ali, and you did not disappoint!

Your new record rocks all over the damn place!  :twisted:

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psychic cat is simply stunning.better than i could ever have imagined .. and i imagined great things i can tell you :D
congrats to kelli and all involved in creating the perfect album.


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Love the new site!

You Rock!!

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So glad you’re back! And better than ever!


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You ABSOLUTELY rock !!

thank you so MUCh for everything !
Love the new site !!!


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I love the new album. It’s nothing like I expected it to be, but I mean that in a great way. It’s such a fun album - definitely one for the summer! I’m surprised the Evening Mail weren’t that complimentary about it though - they said the vibe of the album is similar to Goldfrapp, who are also ace.  :D

The new site is fantastic too - I think it’s great that it was written by Kelli and her pals - you know everything stated here is true and honest.

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The new album is great ... I think i got it a week ago and listen to it every day at least 10 times! HONESTLY!

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Excellent new album :D Playing it to death on my CD player in bed during these far few hot summerish nights….........but waking up with sweaty sheets !!!!!!

Any gigs or festivals in the near future ????? :?

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Congratulations, Miss Ali !!!
What a fantastic record!

Although I loved a lot of songs on Tigermouth, I prefer this new album.  I think it’s got the attitude that was lacking on your previous record…

My faves are “Last boy on Earth” (kick ass guitar!) and “Home Honey I’m high”. They are perfect catchy songs, great production and your voice has never sounded better!
Shame on you for ripping off Fischerspooner on Graffiti Boy, but I guess you can pull it off :wink:

Also, bravo for this new website. It is just perfect, and it’s obvious that you put a lot of heart (and hard work) in its creation.

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Thanks kids!

Hey people!

Thankyou for your lovely messages. I’m thrilled that you like Psychic Cat. It means a lot to me, when I read your kind words and adds a special magic to the moment.
Stay Cool

Kelli x

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Thanks Kelli!

Your music means a lot to me ...

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Heyyy, hiya Kelli.
Psychic Cat is awesome, can’t say enough good things about it.
The neighbours know the songs as well as i do now as it hasn’t left the CD player for a month!!!!  smile
One or two songs had to grow on me, but now i love them as much as the rest.
OH MY GOD, i cant wait until the new single comes out!!!!!!! :shock:  Kelli just has this effect on her fans that no other artist can match :D

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Oh my God!!!  This album surpassed my expectations!  I love it.  I didn’t know what to expect for a follow up album and and enjoying this album very much.  I live in the US so import albums are not cheap but it was well worth the money.  I love it Kelli!!!!  You are simply an amazing artist and person.

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If Tigermouth is nice sunny days out at the seaside, then Psychic Cat is long, hot dark nights in your favorate club.

This is not a bad thing, two great albums, dark and light.