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I’m sure some of you have a few questions you would like to ask us re the shop, well here’s the place to do it.

Once we got a few questions and hopefully answered them to your satisfaction, we’ll set up a FAQ.

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First off a few of you have contacted me regarding an error message that comes up when pressing either the buy now, add to cart, view cart buttons

We were unable to decrypt the certificate id

If you received this error, you are more than likely using internet explorer.

Unfortunately because of security issues with Internet Explorer, it is not compatible with the encryption security we have employed.

Unfortunately there is no work around this other than using another browser such as Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari for PC or for Mac. all downloadable for free.

Solution 1: Use the BUY NOW button on Kelli’s myspace page this works in Internet explorer.

Solution 2: Please use another free Web Browser to purchase.
Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari

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Someone in the USA asked me if it was possible to buy from the shop because the currency displayed was UK £ pounds.

In Short, Yes you can.

We can do international sales, We’ve set the currency as UK £ (pounds), Paypal will convert your local currency into UK £ (pounds) using the international currency exchange rate at the time of purchase

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What if I don’t wish to use Paypal to make a purchase?

Well we’ve set up an Amazon Market place shop.

If you load up into your browser, do a search for Kelli Ali Rocking Horse. Click on the album or product link. When it’s loaded up look on the right side of the page to where it say’s More Buying Choices / Used and New. if you click on this link it will take you to the marketplace. Scroll down until you see Kelli’s shop, You’ll know it when you see it cause it’ll say in the comments “*** BUY DIRECT FROM KELLI ALI HERE *** OFFICIAL KELLI ALI AMAZON MERCHANDISE STORE ***”

I don’t know if US shoppers can use but if any of you try it out please let me know.

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What about postage?

How much will the postage be?

The postage amount will be shown when you click on either the buy now, add to cart, view cart buttons and are taken to paypal.

We have tried to be as fair as possible to keep the postage as low as possible and to reflect the actual cost of postage.

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Metso - Nov 26, 2008 12:59am

I don’t know if US shoppers can use but if any of you try it out please let me know.

I purchased through the store via Paypal, but I gave the method a quick test, and it looks like it won’t work for North American buyers…it allows you to put the item in your cart, but tells you that it cannot be delivered to your destination (without providing any more details).

I tried for Canada…maybe it will work for the States.

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I’ve changed the profile settings in so it should be now possible to ship / sell CD’s to Canada, USA, UK, europe.

Thanks Muffy for letting me know.

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Fire fox works a treat and it’s free! You can always remove it after if you don’t want it. Thanks for the fast delivery! X x

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I’ve now set up a Kelli Ali Amazon store.

where you can purchase the Rocking Horse Album & Promo Album CD

I’ve set the settings so shoppers from Europe & North America can buy the album.


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Setting up for a FAQ might be useful so you won’t have to answer the same questions over and over again. Anyway, i have the same question as above so thanks for the info.



prêts travaux

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Just received an email from James regarding the following error he got when trying to buy from the shop “The certificate has expired. Please use a valid certificate.”

Just to confirm that it’s now fixed.

thank you for letting us know James.

Happy shopping.