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good day.

i was thinking about a couple of joint effort and wondered what kinds of artist it would be interesting for kelli to work with. not that she’s obliged to, but i’d like to know who everyone out there would like to see her work with. i made a top five list:

1. sage francis (great writer + great writer = great song)
2. dj krush (good beats need a voice)
3. jimi hendrix (this would have been pretty cool)
4. mark morgan (ambient, but i’m curious of the outcome)
5. KMFDM (i think she’d get along with this band)

well, hope this ignites the start of something.

that is all…

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I don’t really know with who Kelli should colaborate… I’m a fan of metal (heavy, gothic), progressive rock/metal and industrial, I can’t think of any band/artist she could record a song with. Iron Maiden, perhaps? LOL LOL

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Does Metso sing?

Kelli should coloborate singwise with him ... Just curious how this would sound!

People in love always have some special chemistry in their songs ... so perhaps in metso¥s voice ...

Like they would sing “papermoon” together or something

would be interessting

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metso, eh?

that wouldn’t be a bad idea at all. even if he doesn’t sing he could probably do something. i mean, rammstein had till’s daughter speak and/or sing in a few of their tracks. doesn’t eminem have his daughter speak something?

i really like gothic electronica and industrial myself. bad thing is that there’s not that much of a chance to see these artists live because they normally stick to the areas where they are from or where their style of music thrives. well, they don’t come to holland that often, let’s just put it that way. i’m really excited about next month though because KMFDM is going to be in holland and i’ve been gagging to see them live for ages. i thought the sturm und drang tour was the last, but obviously not.

soulburner, if they come to poland you should check them out. old school industrial. i take it you’re familiar with vader also…see if you can get them to travel to holland, uh, somehow…

i think kelli’s voice suits industrial perfectly to be honest. i think she’d work pretty well with haujobb.

that is all…

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Yep, Vader is a great band and one of the few Polish bands that had a worldwide success (it’s kind’a odd that almost only metal bands managed to do that)! However, I don’t like ‘em too much, they decided to stick to their music style too hard and it’s difficult to hear something new in their music. But I might be wrong, ‘cause I haven’t heard any recent stuff from them.
If you want to see Vader in Holland you should probably contact some concert agency (or whatever it’s called like in English). I could ask their management if they’d be interested in playing over there, there is a slight chance of success wink

KMFDM - I think I’ve heard this band somewhere, I think they have (or had) an internet radio with only their music on.

BTW skullkid, you should check out Theatre of Tragedy’s “Musique” album, it’s gothic metal with a lot of electronics and it sounds pretty industrial. The vocalist uses a cool filter on his voice, sounds like a voice synthesizer or somethin’ wink The female vocalist is a nice contrast to his voice.

Oh, and Kelli singing with Metso - it’s a great idea :mrgreen:

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theatre of tragedy is really cool. i must admit that i didn’t hear much of their music but a while back i decided to have a sconce and see what they were like. i wasn’t disappointed at all. i liked one song in particular…i think it was called ‘siren’. deeply emotional sounding. it kind of brought a *ahem* tear to my eye.

KMFDM did have a radio station like that. i don’t know what happened to it though. i listened to it online a few times. they’ve got a shitload of songs though, so i guess they could afford to use just their songs. i think they just didn’t have enough donated capital to run it though.

i’ll let you know what the concert is like.

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Yeah, I love “Siren” too, one of the best tracks on the album (Aegis, 1998 smile). If you didn’t hear the “Musique” and “Assembly” albums you really have to check them out - the sound is very different from Aegis, but both are electronic masterpieces… to me at least wink

Back on topic - I think another song co-written with Bootsy Collins wouldn’t hurt smile