Any videos out there ?????

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Hi you lot, does anyone have video of Kelli on tv ??
The old Pimps were on tv quite a lot, interviews on MTV, performing on various shows, etc, and Kelli did an interview or two in Europe when ‘Play With Bootsy’ came out, so maybe you have a video or two tucked away in your collection ????
If anyone does have something, please give me a shout at,
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Cheers smile

Oh while i’m here, i’ll show you this mini car licence plate my aunt sent me from San Diego.

You can get these everywhere out there, but i thought it was very cute :D

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Ive got the dvd of the Becoming X Videos, but I guess you are after TV slot stuff, live appearances, etc?

I would be really interested in any new vids, I know the Play with Bootsy vid is on the Bootsy cd.I saw a site a while ago showing some screenshots of the Kids video but I have not seen anything in full.

There was a promo vid sent out by onelittleindian to some of the first to order Tigermouth, anyone got a copy I can take a peek at?

If onelittleindian did a dvd release of the Tigermouth vids I would definately buy it.

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Yep, Kelli has appeared in at least 7 official videos so far, the 4 Pimps ones, Play With Bootsy, Inferno High Love, & Kids, it’d be great to see them all on one DVD.

There are also videos for ‘Up In Flames’, & ‘Payback Time’, but sadly Kelli doesn’t appear in ether of them.
BTW, have you seen the ‘Making of Play With Bootsy’ ?  It’s well worth seeing, the link is on Bootsy’s offical site, and my site.

Yeah, it’s the live tv stuff i’m looking for, there must be quite a lot out there. I’ve got 4 appearences from UK tv, but it’d be great to see something from Europe or the USA (or indeed anything more from the UK).  :wink:

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I’ve just sent you a private message Batman :wink:

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Check your messages Corky :D