wish set list?

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How should your wish set list for a kelli gig look like?

If you would have to pick 12 songs (which is probably realistic)

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1. Hot Lips
2. Psychic cat
3. Teardrop hittin`the ground
4. Last boy on earth
5. Sunlight in the Rain
6. Voyeur
7. Papermoon
8. Graffiti boy
9. Kids
10. Groupie


11.Wings in motion
12.Inferno high love

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1. Hot Lips
2. The Infinite Stars
3. Home Honey I’m High
4. Sunlight in the Rain
5. Here Comes The Summer
6. Graffiti Boy
7. Wings in Motion
8. Kids
9. Fellow Man
10. Groupie
11. Ideal (I wonder how this track would sound live)

12. Speakers

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Its really interessting how different the songs are, everyone picks ...