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Would Sunday the 4th July be ok with everyone for the next chat ?

(Sneakily changed, no one noticed 8) )

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By the way, I should finaly update my site this weekend - the address of the chatroom will probably change.
I’ll let you all know if anything happens, ofcourse!

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uh. what time will it be.

i’m moving back to holland from england on that day, so i might miss it, which might not appeal to me. i also wouldn’t feel comfortable about anyone working around me though, so fourth of july, hh:mm?

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The chats usually take place at 8:00pm UK time (21:00 C.E.T.), I hope to see ya there!

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I’ll try and make it, thats my kids bedtime though, might be on storytime duty…....

Maybe he’ll just get Psychic Puss in Boots LOL

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Ok, here’s the details of the next chat.

Date - Sunday 4th July.

Time - 8pm UK, 9pm Europe CT, 3pm USA EST.

Place -

When you go to the chat site, a box will appear with some Polish words next
to it. Simply enter your name (or a nickname) into the box, and click the
button, or press ENTER or RETURN on your computer, and you will enter the chat

I hope the time & date are ok with everyone, it’s always difficult finding a date suitible for all. Skullkid please take a break from moving and come and join us smile
Hope to see you all there.

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yeah should be cool with that, isnt that american inderpendance day?

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Chat on Sunday

Yeah, Sunday July 4th shouldn’t be a problem. Don’t have any plans on going anywhere. raspberry

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I’ve got an idea - maybe the chat dates should be posted on the main Psychic Cat Times page? I bet more people would know about the chats, ‘cause not every visitor likes forums or not everyone can find the post with the date.
What do ya think?

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yep! wonderful idea!