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Hi Kelli,

I just wanted to know if there is any Lumiere stuff available anywhere. It sounds like they’d be an interesting listen.
And I was also wondering why you don’t sell your Tigermouth or Psychic Cat albums here too? I’m sure many people would be glad to buy them.

anywho, thanks for making such wonderful music
You’re an inspiration to us all. And good luck on your travels!
- psychic cat Robert

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I think I have The Lumieres on vinyl somewhere. Most likely lost the original cover and the record itself may not be in an exactly great shape, but I think it should be fine. Don’t have a record player so I think could sell it wink

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I would really like to hear some more music by the Lumieres. There was a 3 track vinyl, as well as, I believe, a demo tape with around 5-6 songs on it (I have a faint memory of seeing scans of these two releases on a long gone Kelli fan site some seven odd years ago.) I’ve heard “Cinder Hearts,” which I believe is the lead track on the vinyl and it’s definitely one of Kelli’s best songs.

I would also really love to hear Psycho Drama. Surely some sort of demo tape was made from that era. I can understand if Kelli wouldn’t put that out though; I made music when I was 16, and I certainly wouldn’t want anybody to hear it. I’m also certainly not as talented as she is, however, and have yet to hear anything from her that isn’t awesome-sauce.