Ever heard Kelli’s songs in tv shows or movies ?

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Apart from ‘The Saint’, & the Levis ad, have you ever heard Kelli’s songs in tv shows or movies ????
I heard ‘6 Underground’ (Perfecto Mix) on the UK TV show ‘A Life Of Grime’ the other week, that was weird :D

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I was once watching FashionTV (it was an accident wink) and they played “Sunlight in the Rain”, unfortunately just an excerpt :(
I think it was a year ago.

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A Life Less Ordinary, pretty cool film with Cameron Diaz and Ewan Mcgregor has Velvet Divorce on it, Pimps song with Kelli singing.

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Oh yeah, i forgot that one :oops:  And there’s also ’ Long Hard Road Out of Hell’, with Marilyn Manson, & the Pimps, from the film ‘Spawn’.

I remember a rumour years back that the Pimps were going to do something for a Star Wars film, and maybe a James Bond film, wonder what that would have been like :wink:

BTW (sorry to go off on a tangent here smile ) but on the subject of ‘A Life Less Ordinary’, new ‘Star Wars’, & other films, am i the only person in the world who thinks Ewan Mcgregor is a lousy actor ????
He seems to be everybody’s hot up and coming talent, but i just can’t see what’s so great about him :?
(Sorry, fellow Scot and all, but still)

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Yeah, I wasn’t that impressed with the Maryln Manson collaboration, liked Spawn though.

Re: Ewan Mcgregors Acting ability

He was good in Trainspotting with a lot of support from other actors. In A Life Less Ordinary it wasn’t that demanding a role, and he got to work with the lovely Cameron Diaz.

In Star Wars he is playing the younger character played originally by Alec Guinness and is obviously trying to mimic the accent and bearing of the original Obi Wan, not entirely successfully. Some of the blame may lie with Lucas’ direction, the new Star Wars films - while spectacular are not that popular with fans of the originals. (See Jar Jar Binks)

I think because Trainspotting is classed as an iconic film of the nineties he is trading on that success but as an individual actor he is somewhat limited in range and talent.

Would love to see a Kelli - James Bond title track (has to be better than the Madonna effort) - any suggestions for titles?

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I just feel Ewan is such a wooden actor.
It wasn’t helped by seeing him in the awful film ‘Eye of the Beholder’ alongside (the lovely & usualy excelent) Ashley Judd. And the new Star Wars film didn’t do anything for me, except to waste the talents of Llam Neeson, one of my favourite actors.
Anyway, enough of my rants smile

Yeah it’d be great to hear Kelli sing a Bond theme. Not that i’m a fan of Bond films, but i do like John Barry’s work.
Of course we had a taster of it in ‘6 Underground’ part of which was based on one of his tracks.
The Umbrellas of Ladywell mix of ‘6 Underground’, could be a Bond theme on it’s own.  It’s well worth a listen, in my opinion the best remix of that song.

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i have herd a few of the pimps songs with kelli in sky ad’s for other tv shows and i think the infinite stars was on the i am sam soundtrack

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i heard kelli on some tv a while ago .. but do you think i can remember what show it was ? .. can i heck :?

it’s driving me crazy now :cry:

i’m with corky btw .. eye of the beholder is awful .. ewan’s ok i suppose given the right material

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yeah corky is quite right eye of the beholder is pants, ewan is an alright actor, trainspotting was good, for the time, and its really puts you off heroin, and thats another thing, was the levi ad done by michelle gondrey? i know he done a lot of them,

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just watched an awful film called ‘new best friend’ - one of those films where pretty girls kiss each other coz it’s vital to the story :x

anyway the credits roll to ‘post-modern sleaze’.  :D

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*lol* yeah vital to the story i know smile

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Mmm, girls kissing… cool… *cough* LOL