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As predominately a metal head and aspiring musician i read your article on your inspirations and what your creative process means stuff like that. The part about listening to all kinds of music and really listening, i took that part to heart and have been listening to some of the links on your facebook, those spiral awards (which i honestly think you were far under rated in that group) much of this type of music i find to be folkish? i say that simply because i don’t have the vocabulary in this genre. i have approached this with an open mind and consider myself to be lucky for that. some of what i am saying is if you can reach me with your music you can reach anybody. i said i am an aspiring musician (guitar player) which is funny because i am soon to be 44, i used to have a job but i gave up all that nonsense, and if there is more articles or whatever stuff that you are articulating your feelings about music and your creative process i would love to read that. Really anything, i live near wintery cold Chicago and if i get any more bored i might slip into catatonia. well i gotta roll
Keep Rock’n Girl Friend.

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Just like many the 6 underground tune gravitated me toward your music, and i have been listening to all your tunes now , i really like the electronic type stuff, your voice with the HI-FI sound is tight as heck, i would like to hear more of that some tight high fidelity where it features your voice with some cool grooves.
  i mentioned that Chicago Music Guide Article, it takes some patience to listen to music that your not used to, but i have been doing it and im a better person for it. any way thanks for that article thats great insight and offers ways to find inspiration which i appreciate a lot.

Thanks Your #1 Fan

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Thanks Rich,

I appreciate your support and am happy that something I have written has encouraged you to explore other kinds of music.
I love to listen to many different types of music, I feel that there is so much beauty out there, so many fine books to read, so many wonderful films to see, paintings, sculptures, music to experience.
We are so lucky to have all this in our midst, what a terrible shame it would be to confine our learning and understanding of the world of art and beauty unnecessarily.
I am most grateful for your interest in my music and articles and hope that this site can continue to provide a place for you to discover more and more inspiration and that your musical adventures continue to lead you towards beauty and understanding.

Best wishes Kx

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Hello Kelli,

well i finally put together the system, a sound module and drum machine linked midi and i lead over with guitar i don’t know if y’all have craigslist across the pond over there but i am getting this together “for a song”. What do you think about “The Disco Machine” for a stage name? ya not sure about it either. well thanks for the inspiration along this journey i really finally feel that for a moment i might have some tools to make some cool sounds.

Your #1 Fan, BadBoyRik