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Was just on youtube, saw that all the work paid off and spin spin sugar is over the million views mark!

Big deal to me, if no one else.


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This is the video that helped me discover Kelli.  I was looking for Republica Ready To Go, and Spin Spin Sugar was on the side.  Watched it, then found 6 Underground, and was sold by then.  I like how Kelli expresses her lips while singing.

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Much agreement. Since you mention “Republica”, have to check it out again. Great tune.

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Check out Armand’s Dark Garage Mix of Spin Spin Sugar.  It is about 9 1/2 minutes long, quite a visual feast.  Just found it last night on Youtube….

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Armand here I come.

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Not Spin Spin Sugar, Six Underground, on the Jack Doherty Show.

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heard on comcast cable tv usa

in the high channels “music choice”.  nice version.

silly images accompanied. but the song mattered.

in june, july.  vcr’d it.