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Hey Kelli,

Just watched “Hostel” again, for the hundredth time, and realized you were on the soundtrack. “The Love Scene”. Perfect tune for the scene. That’s probably why I didn’t realize it was you before, because it fit so well.

Planning another Summer of playing live festivals?


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Hey Bryan thanks for your message.
That film is pretty creepy!
Yeah good being on a film linked to the great man Quentin T. Love him!

Not playing festivals this summer, busy working on recordings, hopefully will play some next year.

Best wishes, Kx

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Hey Kelli,

It is creepy, definitely, but Eli Roth did a good job with it I think. Thanks for the info now I can look forward to some new crushing and mangling music. (LOL)

Ever feel the urge to record some great black metal or something? You know to show your range or something? I think that might be a good genre for you…takes a little time to wrap the head around the idea but…definitely!

Can’t wait to hear the new stuff.