To Canada…  could you please !!!

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Hello !!!
From Moncton NB Canada !

I got to tell you we had some great concerts over here, but ever since I saw “Jim’s” question last year (aug 09) about you Kelli, coming over to Canada, I’m now wondering if it will ever happen? Im’ sooooo looking forward to it if you ever make it down our way here. Your style of music is welcomed here.In the US I think hiphop got to their heads a bit much lol ! (no offence guys)  ^_^

Hope to here some good news from you soon,  and my kids LOVE your tigermouth album and some off the new one too.

Keep em’ coming!

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Thanks for your message,I would love to come play in Canada but have no imminent plans to tour just yet.
I’m working on some new projects which I promise to let you all know about soon!
In the mean time, please make sure that you’ve joined my mailing list (home page) so that should we come to Canada I can let you know.

Many thanks and Best Wishes,


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Super cool! Thanx for the reply, it’s not everyday a celeb talks to their fans ^_^
Good luck on your new album/projects.Can’t waite to hear the progress.