Hey Kelli,

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Hey Kelli,

Been working like a dentist on a script and decided to take time away from the grind to post. About something unimaginably important you ask? Well since you inquired, yes. I’ve been watching a lot of the “boob” tube lately, especially the American version of “So You Think You Can Dance”. I seem to have developed a taste for reality competition shows, as long as they are artistic.

(Not interested in those like Survivor. See who we can stab in the back this week sort of thing. It happens too much in real life, don’t find it interesting on TV.)

Anyway, back to relevance, after watching all the excellent Latin dancing—The Paso Doble, Tango and others, it occurred to me that what American TV is missing is a good Latin series, something with spice. I don’t mean a show about a Latino trying to lead the “Middle Class” life, what’s this weeks lesson kids, show but something fresh, interesting, maybe it has some depth, but not usual parental borefest.

So why am I posting this here, you ask?

I tell you why, because I’m impulsive. Since I make sure to read all of your mucho interesting Journal entries, especially the ones about your trek to Mexico, muy bueno, I couldn’t help myself.

Also, it might have something to do with the talk of Jennifer Lopez signing on to host “American Idol”, from what I understand you have series in UK like it, by the way think you could be great as a judge on that, I imagine you’d have sort of a “Paula Abdul” vibe, that was so popular here in the States.

(Now as you know, I’m fully aware of your edgier side, still listening to “Psychic Cat” almost every day. Ideal! Muy Bueno. But we have to update our opinions from time to time and so I’ve concluded you’ve softened as of late. Gone from Femme Fatale, “Carmen” the tempress of innocent young soldiers, (I’m know your a pacifist but work with me), to sort of “girlie” in a good way, much like Paula Abdul was on American Idol, hence the comparison.)

Again, returning to the point, there was news that Jennifer Lopez might not choose “American Idol” after all, prompting me to really ponder what TV would be missing, is missing. The Latin Vibe.

One further reason for posting it here, in case you needed a third, the first two were pretty good, I thought, but if you really needed to be convinced, reason three: I posted this here


someone made me a member. So, if you really didn’t like me calling you a softy like Paula Abdul on American Idol, then…you only have yourself to blame. Softy.

Appreciate the Spiral Earth download! (Who’s the softy?)

Can I get a big LOL?

Best wishes,


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LOL! : )

Thanks Bryan. It makes me laugh out loud to think of me being compared with Miss Abdul!
True, Rocking Horse and Butterfly are much dreamier albums than Psychic Cat and Tigermouth. As I get older I am finding subtler ways to express depth and am drawn towards a more peaceful kind of power and beauty in music.
However, I am still very much a thrill seeker and still experimenting with sounds and textures so will be making something a little more edgy for my next album.

Good luck with the screen play!


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Hey Kelli,

Thanks Kelli, always appreciate well wishing!

Also, have to say I love texture and experimental sounds and can’t wait to experience the thrill of discovering your next album.



P.S. By the way, liked the Kx sign off. Phonetically similar to kicks! I can hear the butt kicking now, “Hey, you like texture in sound? Well, how about the sound of the tread of my Dr.Martins connecting with your face? WHAMMO!” But subtle.  A whisper of whammo born aloft on a thrilling Spring breeze.