new magazines or interviews?

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I think today the interview comes out in the “indiego” magazine in austria.
So i will try to get some copies.

There is a big party in a club to promote the magazine. I will try to convince the DJ together with irina (who did the interview), that he needs to play KELLI! smile

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Yes, convince the DJ to play Kelli! If he refuses, try to force him (people can do anything with a gun pointed at their head :D)... when this also fails, get rid of the DJ and play the songs yourself LOL

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Shoot the DJ :D
Cool about the magazine coming out. It’s a brilliant interview, i’ve got the full length version on my site, i think Irina said the magazine had to shorten it a little bit because of space, but maybe not.
There’s also a couple of new Aussie interviews on there.