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I just wanted to thank you for personalizing my copy of Rocking Horse. I haven’t recieved it yet, but it is on it’s way as is Tiger Mouth. Like everyone else, I loved Becoming X and Psychic Cat.

I was also wondering if you had additional photos to post of some of your earlier projects and travels, people you work with?

I also put everything on hold and hit the road (Canada and the US) for a while. What a feeling. What I liked most was the sense of freedom. Being under the radar. An observor. How did you deal with the language barrier in Mexico?

I don’t mean to ramble, so I’ll say good bye,


P.S. is it possible to have Rocking Horse playing while exploring the entire website rather than just the home page? Of course soon it won’t matter for me, but it could for new people.

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Hi Benjamin,

You’re very welcome.
Thanks for posting here on the forum.

I love Mexico and ended up picking up quite a bit of Spanish so language wasn’t too much of a problem.There is a great sense of liberation to traveling. We love the desert landscapes and dusty towns of Mexico it is so beautiful.
Hope that you enjoy reading all about our travels!

In my Journal and Kelli Ali Biography sections you can see photos and read all about early collaborations.

Thanks for your comment about the track player, I’ll pass it on to our site designer.

Best wishes and many thanks for your support!Hope that you enjoy rocking Horse!


P.S. Hope that you’ve subscribed to our mailing list so we can keep in touch with you about my future releases etc.