how to play kelli’s music?

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if you are able to shuffle both Kelli CDs in a CD player, its really great.

All Kelli songs together. And you never know what song is coming next.

Sounds fresh and live everytime.

Just had to tell you! :)

Also its longer, than just one album.

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I use my computer to play music (I just don’t have a proper stereo system wink), but I’ve pretty nice 2.1 speakers so it isn’t that bad at all wink
I convert *all* my albums to mp3’s and listen to ‘em with Winamp, that way I can create a playlist with songs from many different albums withouth the need for a multi-cd-changer, or whatever it’s called like raspberry

I totaly agree with you Tom, it’s great to mix songs from both albums!

Note: creating mp3’s for your own use is not piracy, so I’m not promoting anything illegal here wink