Any raver/screenwriters out there?

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2) Bioscope Inc/Inimitable Pictures - Rave Scripts

We are looking for completed feature-length scripts that are set around the world of raves and music festivals and specifically having to do with electronica music. Please do not pitch unless your script perfectly meets the above criteria, as we don’t have time to develop material that “can be easily adapted to fit.”

Budget will not exceed $250K. Only non-WGA writers should submit.

Our credits include “Today’s Special.”

To submit to this lead, please go to:

Enter your email address.

Copy/Paste this code: g5eyd4axzv

NOTE: Please only submit your work if it fits what the lead is looking for exactly.
If you aren’t sure if your script fits, please ask InkTip first.

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yeah, i got one.  exactly that.

but i think i will wait until january 2011,
because i’m kind of drunk and could be hallucinating this. besides,
maybe you are already tossing around something neat and inspiring.

but: everyone loves vampires, right?  and electronica, right,
and crust punks, right? can’t go wrong with vampires, electronica and crust punk right?

yes, one can. one can go horribly wrong into a sadly unentertaining and demented world of bad smells, bad music AND SUCKING, sucking that is hard to enjoy and intensely, personally and yet also impersonally bad.  sucks.  that could be happening, too. i’m so scared, i’ve got to shower.

this is my first post.

i require a medal AND a monument.

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LOL. Yeah, lot’s of so-so horror out there. A little editing goes a long way.

What’s crust punk? Any bands I should know about?

Regards, Circus

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so how did that work out for you?

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I’ve been too wrapped up in rewrites, didn’t put anything together for that, as much as I’d like to have.  How babout you?