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Hey Kelli,

First of all I just want to say how grateful I am to you for sharing your beautiful music over the years. I first heard of you through a single you did with Sneaker Pimps called “Velvet divorce” for the movie A Life Less Ordinary. Even as a young teenager I was struck with the beauty, depth, originality and soul of your voice and ever since then, I’ve gotten more and more into your music, especially your solo albums. Your song-writing, melodies and obviously your voice are a constant amazement to me. Now as an aspiring musician myself, I also see your talent as really unique, you stayed true as an original and innovative artist and that’s what I love most about you and your music. I can imagine for such a beautiful women, lets be honest! You must have got offers to do some soulless pop or something like that but you always followed your own path and have been very successful just like all the greats. So I’m just wondering what advice would you give to me on what you think makes a musician successful and how to go about it. I’m currently studying music at the ACM in Guildford, Surrey and I’m in a few bands. Here’s a link if you have a spare moment to some material, very much inspired by you

Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated and be very inspiring for me. Thank you again and I hope to see you in concert very soon when you start touring.

All the best,
Phil x

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Hi Phil,

Thanks for your message. I am so pleased that you find my music inspiring, I checked out your Lose Control track, cool song.

I guess one of the most important things is to keep experimenting with all kinds of production and always try and achieve the best ‘sonic’ clarity as possible with your final recordings.
Pretty simple advice but it’s something that is so important and I have learned over many years of recording that quality of sound will carry the raw emotion and beauty of a track further and help you grow as an artist and be understood far better by your listeners.

Work with people around you who inspire you and work as much as you can by yourself alongside external projects.

Listen to all kinds of music and expand your palette of musical taste as a connoisseur of wine or fine art studies their subject - know what you like and find beauty in but never be limited to only one kind of production technique - always be open to experimentation

Also ask people around you for honest feedback of your work and never be precious - you can learn so much from listening to people - how they see you and hear your music - is often very different from how we see ourselves and we can always grow if we are willing to let go of our resistance.
Saying this - if you know you want to create something in a certain way- then you must follow your musical vision and intuition to your best ability and try not to be swayed by such things as ‘commercial’ formula or peer pressure to sound like other bands etc .
We all have a voice and a sound and we all have the chance to be original in our concepts- even if it feels like everything has been done before - it hasn’t been done by you and if you follow your heart, you’ll do things in your own way which will open many new doors and expand your understanding of your place in the world.

One last piece of advice - take your time and keep working at your sound - it never comes easy and many times you’ll feel like giving up but it’s all a journey and every tear is worth its weight in gold if you can hone your skills and create something of beauty or power and most of all - love and nurture your muse/imagination with inspiration and seek out the great works of all the artists in all the arts- film, literature. visual art etc past and present and you’ll just keep growing as an artist yourself.

Best wishes and Good Luck!


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Thank you so much Kelli. I actually can’t believe one of my musical hero’s actually answered the post and listened to my track. It’s a true honour and I’m deeply grateful. I will take to heart all that you’ve said and use it wisely to never stop working to achieve my dream, especially what you said about sonic quality, that’s very interesting. Maybe one day I will get to jam with you(if I’m ever that lucky), until then I’m content with your words of wisdom. Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing your new records for years to come and seeing you on tour.

P.S Your husband is a lucky man! By far you are the sexiest female musician the UK has ever produced in my opinion, being Irish I grew up with Andrea Corr from the Corrs but when I began to get into music, real talent plus beauty makes you some sort of super sexy angel woman! Even my girlfriend thinks your beautiful… soz but I always wanted to say that to you if I ever had the chance…

Thank you again,
Phil xxx