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Hello!?! Is this really Kelli Ali? No waaaay. Anyway, just wanted to say hello, and that I love your music! Im a kid from the sticks in the USA with dreams of punk rock ..... There’s some jazzy music these days but i find myself hating everything almost all the time, I just tend to love scary loud music… but your voice TAKES me places!!! everything you did in Sneaker Pimps, right up to now, and gotta say Psychic Cat is the BOMB… your voice is truly beautiful, and transports me away without the help of drugs.. just wanted to say THANK YOU! You have quite the GIFT! Keep on doin the same! Thats all thank you.

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Hi Cam,

Thanks for your message. Yes it’s really me : ) I often answer messages to the forum when I get chance and always read everything that my listeners post here.
So delighted that you enjoy my music, thank you.
There is so much amazing music out there and we’re lucky enough to live in an age where it’s more accessible to us than ever, we just have to seek it out. I love all kinds of music too.
If you’re into loud cool stuff have you checked out The Black Angels and of course you must love bands like The Pixies and Sonic Youth, Thurston Moore etc? I Love those bands!
I’m also really into Beach House and PJ Harvey also Sufjan Stevens and OOIOO.

Hopefully you’ll like my next album, it’s going to be darker and more electronic and rock’n'roll than my recent works!

Thanks for your message and keep in touch!

Best wishes, Kelli x

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AWEEE YEEEEEE!!! Yup nailed it on the head! Grrlz and punk equals AWESOME! and hell yeah; dark and electronic sounds extra dope!! look forward to it!!!