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Hey-ya, just thought I’d pop on and say ‘hey’ to whoever is listening out there.

I’ve had Psychic Cat and Tigermouth, both brilliant CDs, and have recently got Butterfly and Rocking Horse, all signed and everything. Thank you so much, both are as brilliant as I’d expected, can’t wait for the next one. Will that be named after an animal too?

Good luck with all you do.


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Hi Todge : )

Thanks for your message, so glad that you’re enjoying all the different albums I’ve made.
I love to explore all kinds of music, it keeps me challenged and learning and excited so I’m always very grateful when my listeners let me know that my jumping around from style to style isn’t a hassle for them…
I think people are beginning to understand it’s what I do now so hopefully look forward to a surprise each new album!

My next album will be more electronic and beats based than my recent psyche folk albums and will not be named after an animal : )

The name of the next album will remain secret for now! I’m still working on songs but as soon as I have some news I will of course be sending a newsletter to everyone and posting here on my site.

Thanks so much for getting in touch and as always your support is greatly appreciated.
Best wishes,

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Ahhhh. How did I post as ‘Todge’, that was meant to be my username, not my screen name… Ho-hum.

Thanks for replying, I bet there’s not many people such as yourself that would take the time read their messages, let alone reply to them in person.

I like the fact that you jump from style to style and do your own thing, rather than stick to a set format, it keeps things fresh, and there’s not many people out there that can get away with it like you do, so it makes a change.

Take care, and have fun with your new album, I’ll be waiting to listen to it.


Carl x