re: congrats on the movie soundtrack

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Congrats! Have to check “Keibetsu” out, now. Doesn’t Keibetsu refer to the huge business groups they have in Japan? Of course by the looks of the HOT photo I have to say it’s not the typical sort of business.

Also, I just finished the sci-fi script rewrite i’ve been complaining about. Turned out fun…fun in a writerly way, it’s not a “fun” story, kind of tragic actually. LOL

Perhaps that’s why it took so long to finish it, I’m much more the comedy writer. Adult? Who me? LOL

Aside from the music, hope things are going well for you.


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Thanks so much.
Glad that your film project is completed too, well done.
Wish you best of luck with it.


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Thanks much Kelli, can never have too much well wishing! Actually, I am always without change so perhaps it is possible to have to much. (Wishing well pun, sorry. No really.)

Even without change your well wishing is worth it.