cyberpunk: When Liberty Spikes.

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the google guys say
life’s more than just the money
do good and do well

ruthless people say
“don’t be evil” is naive
greed obscures vision

gold rush in china
civil rights violations

not conventional?
don’t intend to become so?

no more censorship
part of repressive program
hong kong redirect

back to core values
principled approach yields trust
trust is everything

net neutrality
all bits created equal
except wireless

born into bondage
idealism disrupts
splinter in your mind

i remember learning that the hardest thing on punks was punks,
not the system, not cops or anything else
but people saying anarchy is impossible because…or ####### ORGANIZERS anally setting things up…the greedy people with no vision that ruin everything.
overcontrolling.  still, the feeling in the music will matter more.

i will always HATE ClearChannel. for what they did to radio in the years between 2000 and 2010.  a certain brainkill prevailed and it reflected in all sorts of culture.

of course the closed mind will say “way to rant,” derisively as if to be the psychic vampire that sucks the relevance out of the statement.

that’s the republican tactic of late, the fascist tactic.

but a rant is an incoherent statement…a closed mind can choose to refuse to comprehend—and then say that anything that fails to reflect the agenda that the closed mind wishes stated to be a rant…

...add to that the way that greed assaults minds with soundbites and attempts to enforce short attention spans…

when punk seemed to begin for me it had been going on. but it was the dead kennedys that woke me up—pointing out that Reagan was the Enemy and The Evil and stupid and brutal and ugly one, all in one.  and it was true.

then jello clearly “changed, man, you forgot what it was all about,”

in a ####### courtroom suing his bandmates for what?
because he got blinded by a little fame and money and completely forgot what it was about.  a certain sort of success can ruin people…it’s more than just greed and bright lights.  it’s integrity, an idea of integrity, something inside

punk rock has always been a form of joke…but when corporate mentalities came to take over…

some people have always recognized this.

i know that someone might want to come up and say that this is a manifesto. i am just gonna say—they are skimming real fast because they care more about what they want to project than the idea i have shared—i just want to say I HATE YOU, I ####### HATE YOU to that person, so maybe they will shove the idea of the word “manifesto” BACK UP THEIR ASS…

anarchism was around for decades, centuries before punk rock, cock rock, #### rock, crack rock or elvis, before JAZZ, anarchy existed as an idea of intellectual autonomy and personal freedom…

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I’ve got a writer buddy who does great punk stories. For me she’s got great timing keeps me guessing what the story is about and I’m usually satisfied when she gets to that part. Funny thing though, a good as she is at writing, as fun as the ride is, she gets straight ravaged by a lot of readers. It turns out that most of them want everything laid out for them nice and tidy from the very beginning. I laugh every time I hear one of her negative reviews.

Although i shouldn’t because I every now and then i get cravings for a little old fashioned punk attitude and those people ruin it.

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on the serious, circus,
i’d like to check out her writing.

i get ripped apart by people for all sorts of reasons.
but lately as an anarchist, a post punk anarchist?
i eat it UP because, look at the world? we are dominated by fiscal tyrants.
people suck up to them far more often than resisting them,
and so the sort of people who suck up to fiscal tyrants?

they DESPISE the mentality of anarchists. we’re being SERIOUS
about individual liberty and personal autonomy: others are LYING about such
—playing a huge game of pretending to care about freedom while truly defending
and rationalizing tyranny is most of what the United States’ rhetoric is about, now.

a million reasons why, from the pledge of allegiance to the republic to MK: Ultra.

yeah, i’d like to check out the writing of the person you speak of, circus. somehow, maybe the internet…????

..spin, spin, sugar

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Hey catalyptik,

reply long in the coming I know, wasn’t sure how to respond. Not because of your politics, I’m not an anarchist but I do agree that the “political elite” quite often wrap themselves in the constitution while they sell the rights of the common people to the highest bidder. When they talk about personal responsibility they mean you have the right to choose to follow whatever socio-political agenda they’re selling at the moment. As far as socio-political agendas go, the last decade could be described as the “Tyranny of Freedom” decade. The funniest part of it is that if you were one of the millions who objected or disapproved you had the right to leave, because if you didn’t like what the “real” americans, the flag wavers, had to say you were unamerican, should try living in the slums of Zimbabwe or some other location just as desirable.

But of course the loss of freedoms and the chronic social migraine weren’t enough. On top of that tens of thousands of common folk from all across the world got the opportunity to pay for it at the cost of their limbs, lives and livelihoods, not to mention homes.  Maybe I’m wrong and the old rock group The Mamas and The Papas will remake their hit “california dreamin” and call it “refugee camp dreamin”?

The funny thing is that I hate irony, it’s why i avoid politics like the plague. It’s not just a downer its a freaking Benzodiazpine OD.

As for my friends scripts, I can send you a copy, and it’s probably not appropriate for me to offer a name here, but if you go to, sign into their Zoetrope studio, you might happen upon one of them. Although I should say that the writer in question hasn’t posted much in the past few months. Aparently there was some family tragedy induced writers block.

Good luck with your own writing.