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congratulations on this iggy pop-like landmark.

from now on if someone tells me they are indie
unless they are at indieproducer doing stuff/things/shit
i’m not ####### taking them seriously.

meanwhile: dear hollywood. more crap!  pump it out.

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I hear you man. If all the “indie” people in the world actually did something thered be ten times as much stuff , movies, cd’s, pieces of art, etc…, to get into. Sadly indie is the catchphrase that includes all those that want to look cool and hang out with cool people.

Not that I have a problem with people looking cool, but when you have to deal with their fantasies in order to create your reality it becomes a problem. I’m thinking of getting a T-shirt with “Time wasters suck” written on it. LOL

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took a look at the link, IP.

I was initially put off by their advertising a 2008 screenplay competition and outdated schmoozefest announcements but looked at their film resources section saw they had current postings. Some of the replies were a little sketchy though. One was from a “producer” who couldn’t help with the financing of the project. LMAO. Sadly, the way things are, if the person originating the project needs money to get it going it probably won’t get made. The more likely success story is where the originator of the project acquires the camera and sound equipment (good mics are freakin important) themselves, may take time, then gets people together to help shoot the no budget film. Artistic people are important in that…a good set decorator and a fish eye lens can make a dingy basement into a set worthy for an H.P.Lovecraft novel with very little money.

I saw another advert where their was a “star” attached to a project but the originator/writer/director needed additional actors and a producer. They said they needed 20k to get a production office and money to form a limited liability corporation for the production. Prospective producers didn’t necessarily have to pony up money only help with forming the LLC.

It seems to me, that if they are willing to offer producer credit for as little as helping with forming LLC, then they are a LOW budget production. LOW budget productions are run out of someones living room and utilize coffeeshops for production meetings. Coffeeshop owners are usually eager to accomodate for the price of the coffee. Forming the LLC is beneficial for a low budget production but maybe the better strategy for wrangling someone who can help with that is to contact entertainment or other attorney directly? My guess is that someone will want to be involved. I’m not arguing that lawyers are particularly generous, but I do think some lawyer or other would be interested in being a part of a fun film project.

My thoughts on the topic anyway. Or if you will, my two cents, which seems appropriate for the topic…low budget productions. LOL Nothing like a ending a rant with a bit o bad humor. I crack myself up.