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Hey Kelli,

I read the recent post by Cataleptic had an idea for a television series that I thought I’d mention in case one of your fans was interested in developing it. I’m too busy with other projects atm.

Basically it’s got something of a “High Fidelity” (the book by Nick Hornsby) vibe to it at least in that the main characters run a music store and are “in the know” musically.

I was thinking it could possible feature musicians such as your bad self.

Currently on US tv there aren’t any shows with a young cast that don’t feature jocks/socialites/vampires/witches. I think it’d be cool to have one punk who is brazenly anarchistic, talented and somewhat self-destructive. currently the characters that most closely fits this description is a 50 something doctor turned prison inmate, HOUSE), and a terminally ill ex High School chemistry teacher turned methamphetamine kingpin, (Breaking Bad). I suppose there is Dexter too but all these are older more desperate characters. Each of those series aside from House is darker than I imagined for this but then again I’m not writing it. The rest of the cast i imagine are a little more stable, but cool in their own ways. The idea needs a lot of work I realize but i think it could be fun.

All the best to you,