Blood Simple

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I took a challenge from a fellow screenwriter over on the Zoetrope website to read one Oscar nominated script every three days for one month and then exchange analysis on each. Not an easy challenge to accomplish I have loads of other things to do including a number of rewrites of my own scripts and I ended up falling off the wagon somewhere after reading Godfather I and Godfather II, both excellent films, but one is 160 pages and two is 198 pages. LOL   And to make matters worse, I’ve discovered the online script databases and so have been playing hooky from said voluntary challenge for a few days in favor of perusing the long lists of scripts on offer. 

One of the scripts was an early Coen brother script for the movie “Blood Simple.” It was a clear from the beginning that it was about a love triangle gone wrong, but it wasn’t clear how good the story would be. In fact, despite the ubiquity of love triangle scripts and the simplicity of the story (complexity can mask theme similarities) it had me guessing about how it was going to turn out the whole way through.  It was obvious there was going to be more blood but whose and how would the survivors avoid being caught up in the web of incriminating evidence left behind. Not that it’s a police procedural, it isn’t, but it’s a movie about crimes of passion, a cop or two might be expected to appear.

I’m not going to spoil the story for anyone and say how things turned out, but I will say that if you want to read the script its available online and it’s a quick read, 96 pages, easy pages.

You guys might consider checking it out or I suppose if you would prefer doing even less work for your entertainment, rent the movie.

The next script on my must read list is “Heat”. One of my favorite movies. Maybe I’ll learn a thing or two. (being that I write screenplays)

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I love that film! Bet the screenplay is interesting! Hope all’s well with you, K x

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Thanks Kelli. Things are going well. Hope things are well with you also, after all superstars are people too.  (cheesy enough? LOL Yes, I am that guy that laughs at his own humor.)