Stranger Sold The Moon Through Walls

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felt the sound of seven billions almost not thinking. knew what it was,
the telepathetic alarum clock breaking for the last time,
time to wake up.  we all died
in a past life, this is not heaven because
we aren’t quite awake.

stumbling in the neon groves.  everything recalibrates and so the most hated
the sniveling morons who lied so that
they could make money ruining the air and water with
Dick’s Frack Juice.  Lying greedy bastards, they are so proud and VENAL.

such hypocrites of judgment do suck up the “human extinction?” what-if,
anyway, they don’t want to live too long.  not sustainable,

we inhale, hold it, don’t join the army. not that army.

when for all of us it is the mellow period between deep dreaming and tasting that coffee.  it is the psychic amniotic, because
all of this is being reborn, earth plus “people.”

they are not even atheists,
they worship billions and billions of reprintable old white slaveowning wifebeating FALSE GODS, they are not even worth what atheists are worth, they won’t be
around long.

military industrial guilt complex.
they have hitler up their ass. 

to the hitl.

and then they say ‘post modern feminism’ three or four times really fast before
the commercials for EarthFrack IllumiCorp come on
so that they, you know, robots,
they want to seem human.

Adolf just wanted everyone to think he was a Nice Guy.

When In Danger Or In Doubt,
Run In Circles, Scream And Shout.