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[quote name=‘Seer of Light’ date=‘31 October 2011 - 06:50 PM’ timestamp=‘1320087010’ post=‘55851’]
Does anyone here know of the Occupy movement? It was originally Occupy Wallstreet, and it was only to last a day, now it is still continuing and is world-wide. The goal is to have a “Robin-Hood tax” set into action. The idea is that only 1% of our nation are the rich and the other 99% are, well, everyone else.
They are trying to have the 1% taxed and spread equally throughout the nation for causes of assistance such as general welfare for the people. This 1% tax would generate an additional 175-200 billion dollars a year.

I know a fair amount of people involved and am interested in joining their cause. If anyone here is interested, would you mind sharing maybe some ideas on the matter, and I’ll see who i can talk to to make things happen.

If not, that is fine. Just wondering.

If you Are interested and would like to know other eventual goals, you can always go to
  Louisville is the city i’m in where the movement is.

i’m waiting for it to end.
too many mentally ill people who just want to get hit by cops,
too many impatient people who arrogantly REFUSE to learn anything PRACTICAL about changing laws.
i appreciate their rage, i feel it myself, but
i feel the sort of rage that doesn’t want to waste energy on repetitious programs
that achieve nothing NEAR the desired effect.

i LIKE my friends. seeing them beaten down by cops does nothing for my personal anarchy.
or anybody else’s…

a bunch of nerds who don’t even have good new ideas,
useless poseur deadweight.  organized, too, by Adbusters,
which means it is just not anarchy.  there are people who believe in organized anarchy,
we call them poseurs, or Bjork, who had the decency to admit that she was wrong.

basically punk is f u c k i n g   d e a d , except for nazis in hot topic uniforms.
that probably means YOU READING THIS, so
here is a handy white box for you to reply stupidly and be laughed at by someone who will probably
never know or respect you unless you quietly f u c k o f f .


Total Posts: 19

Sanctuary, on 25 January 2012 - 12:43 AM, said:
See that was part of the problem with the entire “Occupy-whatever” thing. It was unfocused. You can’t d oa major protest like that without so much as outlining what you want to see as the outcome. In my eyes - this is where they failed - and failed very badly. What a wonderful opportunity to make a difference - and - they wasted it.

The first few weeks I had to actually sit there and wonder what everyone was really protesting. Then I finally sorted it out with some help from friends…. basic injustices. Far to broad to have any real lasting change happen.

The problem with this is that there is injustice everywhere. In the legal system, in politics, in health care - even in my very small workplace.

There are plenty of causes to get involved in. Poverty, education, politics, healthcare, animal rights - helk basic human rights even. The list is endless.

Find something you are passionate about and get involved. Even on a very small level.

i’m excited about smart people who don’t get off on failing/getting injured by The Man doing stuff more creative
than petty street crimes that it would be more fun to watch chimpanzees attempt. you know,
real anarchists, not just ####### geeks who shop at hot topic in vain attempts to look hard in school,
you know, to not get beat up. (then they rush the cops…poor ironic little things.)

it’s a great new time, there’s NEVER been an internet before,
but these dumb poseurs are so horney for CRED and all they know how to do
that s h i t didn’t help hippies turn cop cars into flower trucks,
the same is true for this Adbusters premature ejac. what have they changed? Nada. no thinking.

anarchy is HARD, it takes deep f u c k i n g thought,
emma goldman was disillusioned, too.

but people who hate themselves so ####### much
that they can’t DO anything until facilitators tell them
to go stand around with other self hating drones and get sprayed in the F U C K I N G EYES?

oh, yeah,
i was just gonna sit on my ass and wait for THEM to save the world.


wouldn’t it be great to have
a cell phone that you could change in the sun?
but they refuse to make them because
it would be sustainable, so
smash the state
remains The Answer.