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yo peeps

im in birmingham at the moment, visiting family, and i just rearlised, kelli has probbly been down this road, or seen what im looking at, now how spookie is that, comeing from the isle of wight to here is a bit of a culture shock, everything os bigger and busyer, on the island its like 10 times slower by sea well, best wishes and i will talk to you guys when i get back to the island,

all my best


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Hey Moonlark, see if the Barrel Organ is still there :D

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oh it is, i lernt to my suprise that my farther was head bar man there at 18 so he is 47 now, so 1975 eara he was around there, were you, now wouldnt that be a spookie thing

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Jesus, that is spooky :shock:  Does your dad know anyone from the time Kelli was there ???
Were you asking in yoir last message if i was there in 1975 ?  No, i would have only been 3 years old :D I’ve never even been in Brum (passed through it a couple of times)

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ah well, he was working there around 75 to about 77 he says, and after talking with my aunt sue, she thinks thats about right, and she knows that sort of stuff, now that is really spooked me out now after looking over kellis bio, i dont think he is lieing to me, and sue wouldnt lie for him, this has really gob smacked me, my old man was know as eyebrow back then, ( i think if you look at my pics genetics exsplains it) i have a lot of family up there, really gonna be pressing them for info now, oh and if kelli knows it, i was born in a pub, the white heart, its a very rough pub, heh