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Hi Kelli,

Great news!  Hope you raise the money within sixty days.

What style of music would you say it is?

Electro? Or a full studio version of your later stuff?

I love the inspiration for it. Could have a lot of fun with that.


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Hi Bryan,

Thanks! I will be posting updates and previews to Pledge Music so you can follow the Band of Angel album’s progress and hear the new direction.

Best wishes,
Kelli x

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Can’t wait, Kelli. smile

I’ve even been posting announcements over on G+.

Best wishes,


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One of my favorite bands is Primal Scream. Apart from being brilliant writers and musicians, they refuse to be shoved into a box and categorized. So too with Kelli’s latest offering ‘Band Of Angels’.

Somehow Kelli has managed to infuse two polar opposite projects in ‘Psychic Cat’ and ‘Rocking Horse’ to produce an album that pushes the boundaries and is quite simply outstanding. Well done Kelli and thank you for producing ‘real’ music and not selling out to the poptastic soulless record executives.

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Agreed. Love the mix of sounds on the new one. Hope the sales are strong too.