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Hey Kelli,

Have you read, or heard or seen anything really good lately? 

I’ve been reading a lot of scripts recently…as might be expected…“Django Unchained” among them. It’s a conventionally told story…compared to say “Pulp Fiction”, but well told.

I recently read both versions of the script for Prometheus. From watching the film, I thought the script could have used a bit of work. It was a tad disappointing in how the story unfolded. It could have been more thrilling.

Well as it turns out a previous version of the script, penned by Jon Spaiht, was an excellent thriller. I don’t know why Ridley Scott didn’t go with it but if he had the movie would have been a top notch thriller. 

I also attempted to read “Moonrise Kingdom” by Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola. I’m something of a fan of Wes Anderson’s. Loved “Life Aquatic”. But I write and read so much that my attention span has become pathologically short and so I couldn’t really get passed the cute intros.  I mention this because I then saw the film and loved every goofy minute of it. Haha It’s funny how something doesn’t interest you as a written story but once it’s put on film it becomes quirky and charming. LOL  

Hope things are going well.