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well, as you might read from my other posts i have took a trip up to birmingham, and well, from the isle of wight its a bit of a trip, and well, been listing to psychic cat and its just one of them albums you just dont get sick of, i was listing to it all the way on the boat (which is an hour and a half) and then on the road which was about 3 hours, so were talking about 4 and a half hours of psychic cat, and i really did not get sick of it, now i useualy would, but the more i kept listing i just didnt get sick of it, reallly, it just didnt effect me in that way if you get what i mean, it had meaningfull lyrics that i listing to and tryed in my own meager way to understand and figuer out, but well, im gonna listen to tigermouth on the way back, heh,

best wishes peeps,

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Whenever I listen to a single song by Kelli Ali, I have to listen to the whole album… and now that we have two albums, I just *must* listen to both of them! Great stuff smile

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yeah totaly agree dude, i have really got the songs in my head now,