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Hi, I’m new :oops: and I bought Kelli’s Tigermouth album a couple of months ago out of curiosity and fell in love with it, later to find that she had a new album coming out!

I was just wondering whether Kelli had ever got in the charts with her solo releases (not that it matters, but I’m interested), because I recognised Kids as soon as I heard it. Was it played on the radio at all, or the video on TV?

I can’t work out why she’s not more popular. I know she shares a label with some great artists like Bjork, who aren’t too big sales wise (sorry, Bjork was a bad example!) but are well-respected. I just see a lot of potential in Kelli Ali and think basically, she deserves more fans!

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Hi nicknoo smile
I don’t really follow the charts myself, but i remember seeing Payback Time reached No1 on the UK Dance Chart.
I think there’s a website to check chart postitions, anyone hear of that ???

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BBC Music is quite good for music chart positions, so are a few radio stations, capital etc, i think the bbc have some kinda archived listings,

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i think LOVE IN TRAFFIC hit it high on some chart. i’m not too sure which one though, probably some radio station house music chart. but yeah, kelli ali provides wonderful vocals for that track. it’s by SATOSHI TOMIIE, and you should give it a listen if you haven’t already.

i wouldn’t KIDS where you heard kids though.