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yeah, i, uh, kind of, uh, *ahem*missed, saying happy birthday, so i decided to make a kind of apology picture. that gave me an idea, and i just want to know who’s up for it.

the idea is that everyone or anyone who wants to draws a picture of Kelli or one of her songs or something relating to something in the thing, with, uh…yeah, draw a picture.

i like drawing and i would very much like to see what people can put on paper. no rules, just fools with sketching tools. i suppose i should check with the web guy about the postability of images, or if there’s an alternative to getting everyone’s creativity seen.

but yeah, the purpose of this post is to see if anyone would be up for a draw-a-thon, in honour of Allah…i mean, Ali.

that is all…

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It’s a good idea!

If you want to insert an image into the message, you have to upload it on some other web server and then you can insert it here - use the bbcode to do that - type
but remember not to disable bbcode in your posts wink

I could upload the pictures on my ISP’s server, I’ve got 10MB’s free, so I can help )

I think that this is a great idea and this website should have a “fan-art” section - I can’t draw myself, but I’d love to see what other people can do )


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Yeah an art page would be great, although likewise i can’t draw ether :(
Careful when adding an image to a forum posting though as some webservers don’t allow ‘hotlinking’.  Use the ‘Preview’ option to check everything is working ok before you submit the message.