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What does everybody think of downloading whole mp3¥s?

Do you think the music industry is right and they really do sell less records?

Or is it just economic stagnation, cause there was never produced as much music as today and people got tired of the same old shit and don¥t want to spend their money on t he same music again and again?
And just the music industry says that it is an econonmic disaster, as the music industry said in the 70ties when the audio cassette was out and new in the shops and the music industry shouted out as loud as today, cause everybody could copy for free?
What did happen in the 70ties? Nothing!!!!!!!!!! Is this the same discussion or different?

Or do you also think, that some people like music sociology guys (yeah yeah i am the one *g*) are right and say that this only helps the artist to sell more records in the end, cause people have more money to go to the artist¥s concerts or check their music out for free and don¥t have to spend money in the first place for a record, whilst having no money left for the concert or a t-shirt? Also that it helps unknown artists to gain more fans?

What does Kelli herself think of that discussion?

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I read somewhere a few months ago, that artists don’t get much money from selling records - it’s concerts that matter. The article said that usualy an artist or a band gets 1$ for each record - I don’t know if it’s true or not, but if it’s true then it means that record companies are robbing the artists and the listeners.

About downloading mp3’s - to me, it’s a great way of promotion. Thanks to mp3’s I know many artists and bands that I wouldn’t be able to hear otherwise. CD’s are very expensive in Poland - I mean the price isn’t higher than in other countries, but incoms of an average Pole aren’t high enough to afford buying CD’s too often. So when I buy a CD it has to be worth spending the money, I don’t want to buy crap. I usualy can afford buying two CD’s a year at most :(

I don’t think that record companies are selling less records because of mp3’s. I’d even say that they sell more - just what I wrote above, people may listen to an artist/band they never heard before thanks to mp3’s and then buy more CD’s, because they know more music they like (I agree with you on that one, Tom).

I think that record companies sell less CD’s simply ‘cause they promote crappy music. Let’s face it - the music you can hear on the radio and tv is not good music. Most of it sounds similar to each other, most of those “artists” don’t even write their songs. I know a lot of beautiful music that millions of people all over the world would love, but strangely it’s impossible to hear it in the media.
When I listen to music my dad often asks me “this song is great, why don’t they play it on mtv?”... yeah, why?

Every song that sounds a little bit different than the crap that’s played non-stop on radio/tv has no chance of being aired. Why is it that way?

I think I got angry, I’ll calm down now wink
I would love to hear what Kelli thinks about it.

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i have tryed raiseing this point before, what about apple’s ipod its kinda rad, been useing ti a lot, kinda replaceing my mp3 cd thingie, and you can pay for the songs, sadly no kelli songs yet, maby this can be arranged, not that i need to get any more kelli songs, but im shure there are others that need em, or wanrt them