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Thought i’d share this because i like lists and also because i’ve had a terrible parcel tape/chair/naughty lady incident ... i asked for it i suppose ... i can hear her now emptying the cupboards and shelves into boxes. :(
Now if i could just reach my cigarette lighter ...

since i’m here then smile

radiohead - ok computer
half man half biscuit - 27 yards of dental floss
kelli ali - psychic cat [of course]
small faces - ogdens nut gone flake
ween - 12 golden country greats
klf - the white room
rezillos - can’t stand the rezillos

and some stuff i go la la la at very loudy and cover my ears ...

me going la la la very loudy ... it’s a vicious circle rolleyes

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Hmmm can we do something for you?

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Radiohead are one of the best bands of all time, for a bonus point, who did Radiohead dedicate OK computer too,